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Council 8240 Committees can post information here or at the News & Announcements section of the Website.  To learn more, contact Frank Hunt at

Virginia Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc.

Virginia Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc.

A Corporation that is part of the Virginia State Council


  • Donations to VKCCI are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law. Consult your tax advisor.
  • Council Officers, go to this website to find grant eligibility criteria and the Grant Request form.
  • Learn more about the ways VKCCI does its fundraising to provide grants to those less fortunate.
  • The VKCCI grant process is a way how the KofC can help Virginia families in their greatest moment of need.

KOVAR - Knights of Virginia Assisting People with Intellectual Disabilties (CLICK HERE TO DONATE!)

Virginia Knights have raised more than $12 million since 1971

            For more information:

in assistance for citizens with intellectual disabilities and funded such projects as:

  • Home Loans - interest free loan program to assist in the purchase of group homes
  • Transportation - 20% funding to assist in purchasing vehicles needed to transport persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Group Home Furnishings - Grants of organizations needing to furnish group homes
  • Infant Intervention Programs - Grants to establish early detection programs to identify infants with or at risk of intellectual disability
  • Training Programs - Necessary funding for organizations to train person with intellectual disability to enhance their quality of community living
  • Startup Programs - Grants to establish new and innovative programs designed to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families