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OUR SPIRITUAL FATHER - parish presentation

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The Knights of Columbus are pleased to announce the showing of the documentary-Our Spiritual Father. This documentary highlights the effect of the influence of the foster father of Jesus in today's world.

The often forgotten saint is still responsible for many miraculous events in the modern world which so needs to turn to St Joseph for his intercession.

More details can be found in the attached pdf document.

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Cenacolo visit report fropm Craig Preibe

SK Craig Preibe has submitted a report on the trip by a group of Knights and friends to Communita Cenacolo to deliver all the foodstuffs, cleaning and hygiene products and to participate in the Communita's Mass and Celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph.

SKs Joe McCarty, Paul Shupe, Ronnie Rickabaugh, Ronnie's wife, Linda, and Craig met on the lower level of St. John's at 8 AM to load up Ronnie's pickup with all the goodies. I estimate we had somewhere between 800-1000 pounds that completely filled the bed of his truck as well as the backseat of his cab. Then, we caravanned down to Cenacolo, getting there in plenty of time to unload everything before their planned Mass, entertainment and luncheon. In addition to those mentioned above, we were met at Cenacolo by SK Andy Haq, his wife, Manita, and SK Mike Mitchell.

Bishop Raica and Bishop Emeritus Baker celebrated the Mass indoor due to the cool weather, along with a Monsignor and a Priest from the Chicago area.SK Joe McCarty had the foresight to bring the St. Joseph Icon along, which we set up on display in the main room. Bishop Raica acknowledged the St. John's Council during his Homily for the appropriateness of having the Icon present. Following the Mass, the men and women in the program each presented a short, moving and meaningful entertainment program in the courtyard. Lunch was served after the entertainment program.

There were around 100 benefactors and program participants in attendance. Jason and all the men and women were very appreciative of the providence we delivered and for the Icon display.

We also thank Ladies' Auxiliary members Linda Rickabaugh and Manita Haq for joining us on the trip.




Madison Knights recognized by Madison City Schools

On Feb 3 2023, St John the Baptist Council 10232 Grand Knight Jerome Villarealf, Brothers Nick Selig and Tom O'Donnell (State ID Chairman) along with Mercy Reps, GK Pat Nash and DD Rick Hycoop, delivered this years Intellectual Disabilities drive monies raised through individual council ID drives and the combined Madison Knights Tootsie Roll 5K. We received a nice shout out from Superintendent Dr Nichols in his district update message to parents. Below is an excerpt. You can read the entire message here

" Finally, I would like to thank our local Knights of Columbus chapters for generous support of MCS Special Education programs. KOC leaders from the Most Merciful Jesus Catholic and St. John the Baptist Catholic parishes gave more than $14,000 in proceeds from the recent Tootsie Roll 5K in Madison. This was the 5th annual Tootsie Roll Run and it attracted 400 participants. The 2023 Tootsie Roll Challenge is set for Nov. 4 at Madison City Stadium.
I hope to see you there."


Joint effort to complete brush clearance at Catholic Center of Concern

On Saturday Jan 28, a team from KofC Council 10232 St John the Baptist started a major brush clearance project at the headquarters of Catholic Center of Concern. After stalwart efforts by the team, a return visit was necessary to complete the work.
The work was completed the following week with a smaller team  of Knights being greatly helped by volunteers from the Church of the Highlands on Nance Road, Madison who had already  played a role in the painting of the Catholic Center of Concern Center's interior and exterior among other things.  
The Highlands crew came with an industrial wood chipper hauled by a commercial 2.5 ton truck, a variety of chainsaws and power equipment to include neon-orange safety helmets with shields and chaps to protect clothing.  The wood chipper was a blessing indeed.  There are no cuttings left at the end of the day - even the big pile we created two weekends ago is also cleared.  They looked like a crew of professional landscapers but they are just members of the church who enjoy volunteering their time, resources and effort in service to the community. 
Iy is most gratifying to witness the work of the Spirit in the motivation of all these worthy volunteers.


A Short History of Catholicism in North Alabama To The Founding of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison


A Short History of Catholicism in North Alabama To The Founding of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison is a concise document on our state history that includes early photographs of our parish decelopment and bios of our former bishops and pastors.

Authored by our brother Knight Danny Garcia, it gives a concise insight to our history over the past 5 centuries and will ne of interest to locals and incomers alike.

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Miracle McGivney baby!

Read about the miracle that enabled Pope Francis to beatify Venerable Michael McGivney

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