President Trump's Christmas Message

President Trump thanks Knights of Columbus prior to announcing Born Alive Protection Order at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Catholic Life Conference Preview

Fr. Valentine's Mass of Thanksgiving @ OLV

Church opening rev 1.3 from Jonathan Oelrich on Vimeo.

Instructions for returning to mass at OLV

Into the Breach: The Cornerstone

Into the Breach: Suffering

Into the Breach: Masculinity

Into the Breach: Leadership

Into the Breach: Fatherhood

Into the Breach: Life

Into the Breach: Family

Into the Breach: Sacramental Life

Into the Breach: Spiritual Warfare

Into the Breach: Brotherhood

Into the Breach: Evangelization

Into the Breach: Prayer

Stations of the Cross with texts from Jonathan Oelrich on Vimeo.

Stations of the Cross at OLV

OLV at Chalice of Salvation 3/5/20 2nd Sunday of Lent

Aug 2018 ECAT's "My Favorite Place" with GK Jay

Aug 16 2018 Chalice of Salvation, Fr Frank

NAC Diaconate Ordination from Jonathan Oelrich on Vimeo.

NAC Diaconate Ordination Nov 2017

Come and learn of the services at BH, meet the Lopez Triplets and hear a special message for Council 1116!

April 2017 Real to Reel presents a story of OLV Renovations.

Seminarian SK Frankie Furman 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal TV video

PGK Frank Furman and wife JoAnn were with Seminarian Frankie in Rome for New Years and videotaped the fireworks from the Pontifical North American College (PNAC) looking towards St Peter's. ENJOY!

Happy New Year From Rome

PGK Frank Video of NYE fireworks in Rome!

OLV at Chalice of Salvation 3/5/20

Furmans are 2016 State Familly of the Year

Chalice of Salvation with the OLV gang

Polka Party 2014 PSA Vimeo code

2014 Installation

July 27, 2014 Chalice of Salvation on WWLP Ch 22 with Fr Doug, The Family Choir and Council 1116 Members