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Iobserve does article on Dozynki Mass and Polka Party

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The Diocesan Paparazzi followed Bishop Mitch out to the event and we made the news!

"Knight-isms" from Council 1116

We are DEFINITELY developing our own language and traditions. Contact the webmaster is you can think of more!

Knights + Wives = Knives

Caution! You can NEVER have too much bacon at an Altar Server Brunch! And yes, you can bake bacon!

Drop "Que Pasa" as a greeting, now "Kiel Basa"

Frozen butter patties? Put in a 350F oven and WATCH THEM!

Note to self: The bags for the Memorial Day candy......bring duct tape!

You can stop stirring so hard. Brownies with chocolate chips are SUPPOSED to be lumpy!

Seriously? If you are going to buy the Dum-Dum Lollipops that are on sale at Walmart to throw at the parade, MAKE SURE the flavors aren't "buttered popcorn', "bacon', and the ever-popular "?????". Yuch!

Dec 2016 Council receives 7th Star Award in a row! First place in State!

Congrats to the Council for ANOTHER Triple Star Award!

A warm send off for Seminarian (and SK) Frank Furman IV

Thankls to everyone who joined us for theis joyful event as Sem. Frankie heads to the North American College at the vatican to finish his Seminary!

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See Brother Joe's kids, Hannah and Malcolm, in the Catholic Mirror!

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In case you missed this terrific front cover and article about the Annual Catholic Appeal (with our own Hannah and Malcolm Coleman!) in the Feb/March edition, click on the attached PDF!

May 2015 Awards

Triple Star awards were given to PGK Frank Furman III and SK Bob Graham (Chris Hurley was not present but also receives the award).

At the Mass State Convention, the Council received another Service Award for helping the church by running the Polka Party with the proceeds going to the Beautification Fund.

New Fourth Degree Knights

On May 11, 2015, Dan Garcia, Frank Furman III, Frank Furman IV and Jay Oelrich became SIR Knights shown here with SK Jean Duquette and Frank Picard, Garcia not in photo)

Council Recieves Triple Star Award!

Thanks to PGK Frank and all of the Council for another spectacular year!

Columbia prints our article about Council 1116 at Bethlehem House

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Better late than never, a shortened version of the article about our Knights helping restore Bethlehem House has been printed in the August 2014 issue of Columbia, Click on the link to read the article!

Catholic Mirror does Cover Story of Ordination of Father (and SK) Chris Fedoryshyn

Click here and enjoy!

If you didn't get a chance to see the Cover Story article on the Ordination of Father (& SK) Chris in the Diocesan magazine, the Catholic Mirror, click the PDF file above!


God bless you Father Chris and thanks for being such a special part of the OLV Parish family!

Council 1116 receives State Community Service Award

Presented by State Deputy Peter Healy, this award was based on the wonderful service the Knights provided to Bethlehem House.

Pictured (l to r) is Grand Knight Frank Furman III, Healy, and 4th Degree Knight Jean Duquette of 1116.

We also received the 240% Member Increase Award, both seen hanging in our Council Chambers. For more information, go to our web pages at