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Community Center

Pierogi Making 2020

Returning Home to OLV


Mardi Gras 2020

2018 Aug 16 Chalice of Salvation

Aug 26 2018 6th Annual Polka Party

July 1 2018 First Mass and reception

June 30 2018 Ordination

May 2018 Sem Duy Le ordained a Deacon

2018 Salem Cross Inn

Nov 2017 visit to St. John's Seminary

2017 Polka Party

2017 Family BBQ and Installation

OLV Parish Festival 2017

2017 Memorial Day

2017 Salem Cross

Making the Christmas Pierogi Nov 2016

Altar Dedication Mass and K of C reception Oct 2016

Oct 2016 Tootsie roll drive

2016 4th Annual Polka Party

2016 Bethlehem House Volunteer Picnic

2016 Altar Server Thank You Picnic

2016 Parish Festival

2016 Memorial Day Weekend

2016 Mother's Day Rose sale & Citizen's for Life

April 2016 Fr. Adolf Busobozi induction and event

2016 Pre-St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Chalice of Salvation

Jan 2016 Salem Crofts Inn outing

Jan 2016 2nd Annual Free Throw Contest

Jan 2016 K of C Scholarship Breakfast Fundraiser

Nov 2015 Council 1116 host Altar Server Thank You Brunch

Nov 2015 Time to make...the PIEROGI!

2015 Tootsie Roll Sale to benefit the disabled

2015 Bethlehem House Volunteer Thank You Mass and Picnic

Aug 2015 Polka Festival and Harvest Mass

2015 OLV Parish Festival

2015 OLV 5th Anniversary Celebration Mass

2015 FATHER (& 3rd degree) Ryan 1st OLV Mass

2015 Memorial ay Parade

2015 Pre-St. Patrick's Day Dinner

2015 Pre-Lenten Breakfast

2015 Council 1116 Frist Free Throw Contest

2014 Council 1116 Family of the Year!

Nov 2014: Fr. Piotr's Good-bye pot luck lunch

Pulaski Day Celebration

2014 Annual Spaghetti Supper

2015 Sept Installation of Officers

2014 Filming of Chalice of Salvation

2014 FATHER (& SK) Chris Fedoryshyn's 1st mass at OLV

2014 Veteran's Breakfast

2014 Memorial Day Parade

2014 Father Chris Fedorysyn Ordination

2014 2nd Annual Polka Party

2014 Bethlehem House Volunteer Thank you Event

2014 OLV Parish Festival

French Night April 5th