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Max Abbate
(757) 495-1492
Nick Abbate
Jack Clarke
Todd Curtis
Greg Davis
Sal Filippelli
John Markham
Kevin Moran
Chuck Popik
(804) 467-3225
James Rutledge
SK Ben Salazar
(757) 495-1492
Raymond Selg
Adam Tumminelli
(757) 495-1492

ABBATE AGENCY Team Recognition

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Agency Testimonials

I have been a Knight since 2001 and an "Owner" within the Knights since 2005. My family and I have been clients of the Abbate Practice for over ten years. Each year during our anniversary review of policies, my wife June Marie would mention to Bob that he should hire me, and make me a part of his team. Bob was a solo practice and I was active duty Navy, so the timing to hire me wasn't good at the time. When the opportunity arose for Bob and Julie to move from the Abbate Practice to the Abbate Agency to become General Agent of the Richmond Diocese in April 2016, I received a call from Bob asking me to takeover a portion of his practice. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to become a Field Agent with the best Practice.

I cannot say enough about the assistance and support I've received every step of the way from Bob and Julie, the staff at his practice, and even the existing clients that make up this Agency. They all go above and beyond for the families, Brother Knights who are owners, and even those that are associate members. I cannot be more pleased with the way my "second" career is progressing forward and I owe it all to the Abbate Agency, Thank you very much for all continued support and allowing the Moran Practice to come to fruition.
F. A. Kevin Moran

When I was transitioning from a military career, I had many good and prosperous paths to pursue for a second career. I chose to become part of the Abbate Agency based on wanting to be a part of continuing to build on the incredible reputation Bob had earned in his Practice for over a decade. This has allowed me to continue in a "tradition of service" to the Catholic community. I haven't regretted a single minute.
F. A. Benjamin Salazar

The Abbate Agency offers each Field Agent a "Process" that worked for Bob as an FA and, when properly followed, can work for others as well. It is all about BRANDING Knights of Columbus insurance on a scheduled, consistent basis, which includes finding and developing new clients for yourself and the councils. It is one of CONSULTATION with clients, not just the "quick sale". It's about knowing your products and lending that expertise to help your client arrive at the best coverage to keep his family financially secure.
Regarding Bob, Julie and the staff, they all have clearly defined roles and could not be more supportive with their time, resources and knowledge. The training on Process, Sales Technique and Product, both in Agency meetings and one-on-one gives you the confidence needed to succeed. When you see the Agency leadership working as hard as they do to help you reach your goals, it makes you work even harder!!
F. A. Chuck Popik

2017 State Convention

Top Gun Jackets waiting to be given out.

Field Agent Benjamin Salazar with his lovely wife Stefanie

Presenting the Toaster

Bob with Carl Anderson

First Abbate Agency Job Fair

Hard at work before the First Abbate Agency Job Fair

Agents Bonding

Field Agent Raymond Selg and his wife Ashley

Field Agent Chuck Popik and his wife Carole

Field Agent James Rutledge and his wife Christine

Field Agent Adam Tumminelli and his wife Amanda

Field Agent Greg Davis and his wife Iris

All of the Field Agents

General Agent Bob and Wife Julie

Field Agent Todd Curtis and his wife Margaret

Field agent John Markham and his wife Ellen

General Agent Bob Abbate and His son Max

Field Agent Kevin Moran and his wife June

Field Agent Benjamin Salazar and his wife Stefanie

Congratulations to John Paul Markham on his Graduation!

Congratulations John Markham for being recognized as VA State VIP in Sept.

Congratulations James Rutledge for being one of the National Sales Winners!

Nick and Arielle Abbate

Congrats to Max Abbate, John Markham (not pictured), Kevin Moran, Ben Salazar, and Raymond Selg for earning the right to go to the Million Dollar Round Table Conferance in LA this year.

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