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Streamline Reports & Communications
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Total Council Package

  • $12.50 per month paid annually
  • Full Money Back Guarantee if not 100% Satisfied
  • Continue to use Your Current Domain Name!
          If you do not yet have a domain name, they are available through UKnightDomainRegistry.com


  • Fully Functioning Website Designed & Built Specifically for the Organization's Councils
  • Tools Designed to make Personalizing your Website as Fast and Easy as Attaching Photos to an Email
  • Features and Technology Regularly updated to Manage Your Council
  • Unlimited Council History Section to post all of your old photos, newspaper articles, awards, etc.
  • Unlimited Fundraising Opportunity through the UKnight Market Center CLICK HERE for details
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Members – same cost and functionality for 100 or 2,000 members
  • Unlimited Email Groups
  • Unlimited Photo Albums
  • Unlimited Calendar
  • Unlimited Prayer Requests
  • Unlimited Administrators with Full or Limited Authority
  • Perpetual "Knights In Memoriam"
  • Perpetual Past Grand Knight Recognition
  • Perpetual Newsletter Library
  • Nationwide Degree Schedule
  • Fully Functional and Robust E-Mail Center that pulls from Member and Officer Lists
  • Members can Easily Update their own Photo and Contact Info
  • Member List Easily Uploaded in Minutes from Officers Online - Member Management
  • Members can Easily Update their own Photo and Contact Info with automatic notification sent to FinSec
  • ALSO INCLUDES Free Mobile Web Site
  • ALSO INCLUDES Free Interactive Assembly Site with many of the same features!
  • UKNIGHT PROVIDES your DD with free access to the DD Portal and Tools. CLICK HERE for details
  • UKNIGHT PROVIDES College and Military Councils with a Full Council Website Free of Charge

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Click on the live UKnight Council websites below to see what you can easily build for your own Council:

Council #7736

Council #11293

Council #11716

Council #7850

Council #7099

The UKnight Solution is already working for ..

"Our UKnight site has made is so easy to engage members and others in activities and information from our council..."

Dan James, PGK
Council 11716, www.kofc11716.org

"... The UKnight Interactive website is the tool we had been looking for for years."

Bill Tillotson, PGK
Council 7736, www.kofc7736.org

"... With the UKnight Email, Calendar, Events Center, and other features, we can reach our members, and they can reach us, quickly and effectively with the most up to date membership and event information..."

Sean Arrossa, PGK
Council 11293, www.stjudekofc.org