Prayer Requests

Please include those identified below in your prayers. These prayer requests have been submitted by brother Knights.

Requests From Our Councils

From Council: 6747
Submitted on Saturday, June 19, 2021 for:
Father Fox Council 6747 Monthly Prayer Request

Prayer’s for: Pope Francis; Our Bishops and Priests, especially Father John and Father Anthony; Deacon Rick; Deacon Mike; Deacon Jose; Deacon Tom and Seminarian David; Nelson & Patty Carey; Gwazdauskas Family; Bill Murray; Judith Lane; Leake Family; Dennis Jones; Tom & Ginny Leake; Leade Family; Rosemary & John DeWolf; Joan Zajac; Peg & Lewis Hicks; Skeeter & Beth Leake; Ernest Stevenson; James Daniel, Dan Bassman; Mike Lindsey; Jim & Marie Armstrong; Jack Patterson; Adam & Wilma Cassol; Ryan Linkous; Erin Fosnocht; Michelle Clarke; George & Bernadette Burroughs; Diaz Family; Steele Family; Jim Daniel; Aubrey Manard; David O’Connor; Steve Switzel; Robert Canfield Sr.+; Owen Moore+; Nurses; Front Line Workers; First Responders; Service Members; Elias Ortiz; Annabelle Eberhard Trompetas; Kevin Holt; Frank Baker; Frank Graves; Marie Claire Joseph; and Michael Lazzuri+. Special prayers for Deacon Jose Melendez as he continues to recover from a recent heart attack.

From Council: 8240
Submitted on Saturday, June 12, 2021 for:
monique Herzig

This is sir knight David A Dallaglio I called my grandma this morning not good at all breathing heavy and stuff last of my four grandparents fell in love with my french bulldog Lilly girlfriend and her two young girls 9 year old Bella and 5 year old Kat telling them to call her grandma the only time she saw them .Just called my girlfriend to tell her and her daughters pretty rough call .

From Council: 8240
Submitted on Friday, June 11, 2021 for:
Monique Herzig

This is sir knight David A Dallaglio my grandma monique Herzig has been smoking for years found out she has throat cancer two months to live .

From Council: 12117
Submitted on Thursday, June 3, 2021 for:

Major Surgery & Recovery

State Council Requests

There are no State Council Prayer Requests so far this month.