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Running of the Silver Rose

Picture archive for the Running of the Silver Rose


Oklahoma State Officers transport Silver Rose to Texas. (2015)

Dee Maly running the Silver Rose down HWY 77. (2015)

State Officer John Pierce walking in prayer with the Silver Rose. (2015)

State Officer Matt Maly walks down HWY 77 with the Silver Rose. (2015)

Toni Hogan enjoys at afternoon walk into Texas with the Silver Rose. (2015)

Kristy Maly leads us south from Thackerville OK towards the State Line. Just five more miles to go! (2015)

State Officer & VSM Dan Hogan walks the last leg to Texas. (2015)

Dan Hogan, John Pierce, and Matt Maly finalize the Oklahoma Running of the Silver Rose at I-35 South to Texas. (2015)

Knights on Bikes (Mark Cearley, Russ Harrison, Matt Buckendorf & David Fitch) assisting with the transfer of the Silver Rose to District Master, Fred Crump. (2016)

Oklahoma and Kansas Knights of Columbus at the State Line during transfer of the Silver Rose. (2016)