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Glory to Jesus Christ!

The mission of the Knights of Columbus College Council Program is to promote the moral, intellectual and spiritual development of the future leaders of civil society, the Order, and the Church through witness to the Gospel and dedication to the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.


We are called to be Catholic liaisons to our campus and to uphold the Catholic truth in a place where relativism is par for course. Engage with those students open to discussion, armed and well-formed in hope that you may bring them into the Catholic Faith. And for those less inclined to religious discourse, pray that they may come to understand the transcendental beauty of the Trinity and the Catholicism. Your presence as a council is imperative to the New Evangelization.


As college knights our relationships with our Parishes or Newman Centers can often look very different from a typical Knights of Columbus council. Look to coordinate with the Parish Council and Pastor as in any case, but it is also vital to cooperate with Campus Ministry and FOCUS that together the whole of your Catholic community is able to put their best foot forward in defense of our Holy Mother Church as you look to prosper the community with men and women from your individual campuses.


We live in a time of crisis for religious faith that must be met by men with a heartfelt embrace of masculine virtue. To outline the challenges, we face and devise a plan of battle, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix has written this groundbreaking document, Into the Breach. Addressed originally to the men in his diocese, the document is made available here to all Catholics by the Knights of Columbus. The Knights are pleased to partner with Bishop Olmsted in making this document more widely available to all college men and in providing the following study guide.


Both are available as PDF downloads by clicking below:

Into the Breach: An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men
Into the Breach College Study Guide


Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has challenged all college councils to facilitate a reading and discussion of Into the Breach on their campuses this school year. The challenge comes with a call to action, to implement the message into the men of your council, Newman center and parish. Men in brotherhood with other Catholic men pray more, go to Mass and confession more frequently, and read Scripture more often. Men engaged in faith can then best discern the vocation and God’s will for their life. Your council must facilitate this Catholic brotherhood. Fraternity is the first principle instilled in our members. It must be this fraternity with eyes set on Christ that will allow the Catholic faith to prosper in our councils and draw others ever closer to our Lord.


Vivat Jesus!


Ryan King, DD #19

College Councils Chair

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