Saturday, September 16th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

The “Teens are Dynamite” fundraiser is quickly approaching.  I wanted to send this e-mail out now in the beginning of May due to the Councils’ meeting schedules. Our State sponsored “Teens are Dynamite” fundraiser will be held on September 16th, 5:30-7:30pm at St. Agatha’s Church 34 Joffre Ave.in Woonsocket.  I am hoping that the D.D.’s speak about this event to their respective Councils and mention this State event to friends and neighbors.


The State Council is the sponsor of this event and is asking that all Councils consider purchasing tickets to a GREAT time and enjoying the GREAT food prepared by the GREAT Chefs of Woonsocket Council including raffles.  Brothers, if for some reason you cannot make it to this event, the State Council requests if possible that each Council consider making a minimum donation of $100.00.


I want to personally thank all the Councils and individuals who have sent me money for this event in the past. I am looking forward to another GREAT year. Last year we raised $6,000 and distributed the checks to the Fr. Marot Center in Woonsocket and the Rejoice in Hope Center in Cranston.  I am hoping to surpass this number this year.

Brothers, please make every effort to explain to your members that there are only 2 CYO Centers left in Rhode Island, and that there used to be 9.


I know you are probably tired of hearing me speak about his event but that’s because I am passionate about helping our youth and the C.Y.O. Remember Brothers, this is a very successful State program, and you as Knights should be very proud of yourselves and your Councils. 


As chairman of this event since its inception, I can say that with all your support you have donated a little over $47,000 to the C.Y.O. Centers.  The Diocese of Providence does not fully fund these CYO Centers, they must be self-sufficient.  It’s up to them to raise money to keep them afloat.   Brothers, this a great recruiting tool for the future of the Knights of Columbus.

The CYO helps kids to learn about God and how God fits into their lives, as well as providing healthy Catholic fellowship. Also, through this event they find out what the K of C is all about. Please talk this up with all your Councils and Assemblies.  You may contact me at any time for more info or to purchase tickets.  My cell # is 401-439-0581



Thank You,

Bob Moniz F.D.D.