One of the most forgotten and little known saints in the life of the Church is also one of the most important, St. joseph, the foster-father of our Lord Jesus Christ and most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He never speaks in scripture and we simply do not know much about him historically. The life of St. Joseph is all hidden, for the most part from the mind of the Church.


However, through the eyes and ears of the mystics and elocutionists, the Church has received much information about the hidden life of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary. With the revelations given to people like Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich and Ven Mary of Agrada, much information was conveyed about the hidden years that the Evangelists did not record. Now, it should be noted that, because this is all private revelation, no Catholic is obliged to believe in these revelations. But they are fascinating and can be held as believable.


About eight years ago, I was approached by a parishioner from Epiphany parish in OKC, Bob Stewart, with an idea of taking the revelations of the mystics about the life of St. Joseph and writing a book. It took us six years to work on the text. He is the primary author and I was the theological advisor. We worked to compile the text, put it into a narrative format, and make it into a readable and enjoyable story, moving from St. Joseph's earliest days of his life as an apprentice carpenter and all the way through the life of our Savior's early days to St. Joseph's last days upon the earth.


"God's Courage Carpenter: The Life of Saint Joseph" is now a published book. It is available on Amazon and other online booksellers or a bookstore. I hope it is an enjoyable read.


When Pope Francis first took office, he was installed on the Solemnity of St. Joseph. He was asked what he thought of the patron of the universal Church, and he said he thought St. Joseph's most enduring virtues were, "fidelity, integrity and strength." These three characteristics and virtues shine strong and bright throughout "God's Courageous Carpenter." I hope that you get the book and read it. It is a manual of inspiration for all men, especially Knights of Columbus.


Rev. M. Price Oswalt, KCHS

Oklahoma Past State Chaplain


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