Worthy Brother Knights,
It is an immense honor to officially begin the new 2023-2024 Fraternal Year as your Oregon
State Deputy. We have seen some incredible momentum in our State the past fraternal year and
we've accomplished amazing things! Let's continue to keep this momentum going! My most
sincere regards to Brother Ray Prom for all his hard work for the past couple of years. I hope to
serve Oregon well also the next couple of years.
I would like to start the Fraternal Year by expressing some goals, expectations, and vision.
First and foremost, Faith formation and helping men become better is a top priority. To be a
Knight means to equip ourselves with outstanding virtue.The world is in dire need of such men.
The Knights of Columbus offer many opportunities for men to grow in Faith and virtue. Conduct
yourselves always as a Catholic gentleman.
Oregon has been accepted into Phase 2 of the Cor initiative. Since this is an opportunity for
spiritual formation, I would like to personally strongly encourage each and every council to
consider implementing Cor. It will be an opportunity to grow in our Faith, connect with other
men, and invite other non-members to participate. As I mentioned in my previous email, Brother
Ray Prom will be the Evangelization and Faith Formation Director, which will oversee Cor. He
will work with you on implementing and promoting them.
Another opportunity for Faith formation will be our 8 regional Faith in Action packed events.
This year, we will be holding some events regionally throughout the State that will include a
Holy Hour, a formation talk on man's purpose and what the Knights of Columbus offers in
helping men fulfill their vocation, Fraternal Benefits, and if men are ready to step forward, a
CUF Degree (CUF Degree is the Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity). This event is
open to all men regionally and their families. It is also a great recruitment opportunity and counts
as Fraternal Benefit nights. I would like to personally ask and request councils to support these
events by encouraging members and prospective members and their families to attend these
events that are in their region.
Be Knights of the Eucharist. I would like to encourage all councils to hold regular Holy Hours,
whether it's Parish wide with the Blessed Sacrament exposed or even just in the Adoration
Chapel for an hour. We must as Knights increase our devotion to the Eucharist, the source and
summit of our Catholic life.
Invite your families to as many events as possible. We're hoping to make the Knights of
Columbus in Oregon as family-oriented as possible.
A few other items: Each and every event is an opportunity to invite other men to the Knights.
Always have promotional materials available such as the QR code, Faith in Action information,
prayer cards, etc. Be visible. Wear badges, KofC shirts, vests, hats, ties,etc.

I will be sending out more information on materials very soon. This will include resources,
incentive information, star council information, etc.
Thank you to each and every one of you for all your hard work and time and dedication to the
Knights of Columbus! The Oregon State team is looking forward to leading the State in amazing
things! Let us all work together to form men and their families and make the world a better
Vivat Jesus!
Kenneth J. Anderson
Knights of Columbus
Oregon State Council
State Deputy