First order of business is unity and harmony amongst ourselves. We have to be humble and have a contrite of heart in doing our duties. More importantly, let’s have fun out there!
I am excited to work with my great State team. Our success depends on a group of guys working together with the same goal, setting aside their pride and egos.
I am really happy to have Brothers Al Cuccinelli and Chris Traver on my side. Brother John Long is a great guy and will stand as our Advocate. Brother Dan St. Pierre will continue his role as State Warden while WISD Joe Haun and SBD Toni Pascua will act as team Senior Adviser. VSM Dave, WDM Tom and PDM Rick will handle their part in the 4th Degree level.
We will revisit the roles and responsibilities of District Deputies and Grand Knights, to make sure they are on track with Membership goals and objectives. Chairman and Directors will also play a key role in the success of the state. We’ll touch base with our Field Agents to get their input as well.
Fr. McShane will continue his role as State Chaplain. It is time to remind everyone that this month is the month of Holy Rosary. I am encouraging everyone to pray for us.
I am looking forward to working with you all.
God bless.
Meynard Infantado – State Deputy