I have always found Ed O'Keefe to be knowledgeable, hard working and extremely dedicated. He is not only one of the best Field Agents I have ever met, he is also a very warm and compassionate Brother Knight.
He has provided outstanding service to my family and members of my council for many years, and I consider him to be a good friend. He has been a great confidant and tremendous consultant. I have received very valuable insight from Ed, which has helped me in planning my financial future. He is always very helpful in discussions about life insurance, long term care and annuities. He understands my retirement goals and what I need to protect myself and my family, both now and in the future.
I highly recommend taking a few minutes to sit and talk with him.
Robert Hicky, PGK, PFN, Council #6188

Thanks so.much Ed and a Blessed and Joyful Christmas to you
as well. You're the most caring KofC Indurance Agent I have
known in over 50 years of membership.

Paul Wenzel, Council #2002

Ed has provided outstanding service to my family for several years. I consider him not only to be an
agent, but a friend to me and my family who is concerned about our welfare now and in the future. We
have spent several evenings discussing my goals for retirement and protecting my family and each time
Ed has made suggestions on how to best achieve these goals... I have seen first hand that Ed is well
prepared and thoroughly knowledgeable in the areas of financial and long term health planning and
provides a high level of service to the membership.
Brian O'Connor, Sr. PGK, FDD, Council #11372

Ed was extremely helpful when we decided to convert our existing insurance policies to KofC policies. It’s a complex process, but Ed explained everything, and then did all of the work – perfectly – the first time around. Ed is our trusted agent for all of our financial planning needs.

Rick and Jo Cozby, Council #9729

Dependable...When I telephone Ed I get an immediate response. Living in these hi-tech times people
take on more work than they can normally handle. Ed is always there. He is dependable!! Quick,
Through, Fair... Ed offers a great service. He checks all the details closely and completely. Lets you
know the good and the bad. Understands that I can make the rational decision. A Family Man...He understands the situation of senior citizens and treats us as he treats his own family.

William Hengemihle, PGK, Council #11372

I am so pleased with our agent Ed O'Keefe. He was such a help to me at the time of my husband's death.
He not only helped with our KofC insurance but assisted me with paper work from other companies.1am so grateful to Ed as he really proved what the KofC is all about. Mrs. Raymond Gallagher

I asked Ed to explain long term care insurance and to discuss the options available from the KofC. He not
only explained the programs offered by the KofC but took the time to do an analysis of the programs
offered by other companies. This analysis helped me to better understand long term care and was useful
in making a more intelligent decision in selecting the best program for me.. .Each time I have sought
advice from Ed I have found him to be a knowledgeable, considerate, and most importantly patient
individual. My wife and I appreciate his professional demeanor and pressure less sales approach
Ross Liberati, PGK, PDW, Council #4714

When my wife and I decided to we needed Long Term Care insurance to help protect our assets, we naturally turned to the Knights and Ed for an honest recommendation that would meet our needs and requirements. Ed thoroughly explained the Long Term Care insurance available in today’s market, and the Knights perspective on the product line offering to the brothers and their family. His explanation and guidance helped my wife and me to make informed decisions on how to structure our plans. I would recommend Ed to my brother Knights contemplating their future healthcare strategy.

Paul & Rose Kutney, Council #2427

Ed O’Keefe smoothed out the rough edges of my retirement by providing sound financial advice. He presented an excellent plan for investing the TSP funds. We are in a much better financial position thanks to Ed’s advice.
Roberta and Michael Truman, Council #2427