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December 16, 2022

Joe DeMarco has been a blessing to me and my family since 2007. My parents bought life insurance from the K of C which has been a great help as we’ve gone through the ups and downs of life.

I met Joe when my Dad passed away in 2012. My mom was distraught over the loss of her husband of 60 years, and Joe was patient, kind and extremely helpful in assisting her in submitting her life insurance claims and answering all our questions.

A couple of years later, Mom began to exhibit signs of memory loss and I took over her financial affairs. Joe was again a tremendous help to me as he patiently explained what kind of policy she had and how it worked. He made sure address changes were complete after I moved her from Florida to California to be near me.

I’ve spoken with him many times over the intervening years and he’s always available to answer questions and direct me to the help I need if he can’t provide it himself. Mom died in August 2022, and once again Joe was considerate, compassionate and went the extra mile to help me sort out her affairs. He even filled out the basic forms and sent them to me to finish and sign, which saved lots of time and anxiety.

I can’t recommend Joe highly enough to anyone considering buying life insurance or other products from Knights of Columbus. He is the soul of compassion, a true professional, and an all-around great human being. He is so much more than a salesman: he is a problem-solver and a companion on the path of life which we all need when life transitions happen.

Thank you Joe and blessings to you and yours for all you’ve done for us.

All my best,
Susan Blais
Paso Robles, CA
December 2022

Susan Blais

September16, 2021

My initial introduction to Joe DeMarco began seven years ago when it became obvious that my parents, Eugene and Pauline Slane, were going to need assistance and long term care.
I had heard Dad praise Joe in the past calling him a “good guy” and indicating that he had complete trust in him. I also know that Dad encouraged other Knights in his Council to investigate the Knights’ various offerings with Joe.
That initial meeting with Joe and Dad to monetize some of Dad’s annuities resulted in a long term relationship with Joe that proved to be invaluable to me.
Over the last seven years, Joe has helped me navigate paperwork, understand unfamiliar terminology, and answered my numerous questions promptly and professionally.
Joe has been there for our family, not only in his official capacity, but also offering emotional and prayerful support. He made several personal calls to Dad over the years that were very much appreciated.
Both parents have now passed; Dad in September of 2020 and Mom more recently in August of this year.
As I have indicated to Joe many times, he has been a blessing to our family.
Family of Gene and Pauline Slane - Council 5629

Judi Payne, Council #5629