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Steve has been more than an superb agent, a friend and a very good man of God. He is a true and great brother in Christ. We so enjoy our time with him on a vast assortment of life insurance matters. His approach is holistic and he takes a macro view while making the products perfect for our needs today and more importantly for the future which is in the hands of our Lord, but we are to be good agents of his gifts and graces, in this life. Importantly, Steve covers items with in inclusive approach. He is not only selling an insurance product, he is overseeing and assisting in creating a total portfolio of financial security that meets our individual needs..we are blest to know Steve and have him so accessible.
Joe and Connie Micatrotto, EOHSJ, Council #10442

I participated in the 401-K program throughout my years in my former job. I wanted to ensure that our nest egg would be safe and continue to grow for my wife and me. Stephen Melancon, our Worthy Field Agent, came to our home, listened to our needs, analyzed our financial status, and recommended an outstanding opportunity for us through the Knights. The advice and assistance that Brother Stephen gave us has been outstanding. Through his service to other Knights he continues the work started so many years ago by Fr. McGivney.

David Saeva, Grand Knight, Council #8282