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William O'Brien


To Register for Virtus training classes, copy and paste the following to your Internet Browser of choice:

Brothers - the "MEMBERS ONLY" segment of our website has been updated to provide status of records regarding your Virtus training. There are 3 possible conditions:
1) You have successfully completed your Virtus training AND your Virtus documentation is on file with the Safe Environment Coordinator. Please note that there is no expiration to your Virtus training (although you are encouraged to stay current with your monthly training).
2) You have successfully completed your Virtus training BUT your Virtus documentation is not on file. Please send a copy of your Virtus training certificate (or website proof of training) to the Safe Environment Coordinator.
3) You have not completed Virtus training or, perhaps, you are unsure if you have. In either event, your Virtus training record is not on file. Please consider attending / repeating a Virtus training class at your earliest opportunity.

VIRTUS General Information:

Protecting Godís Children for Adults/ Virtus Training is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Protecting God's Children for Adults is training conducted by certified facilitators on the prevention of child sexual abuse. The training makes participants aware of the signs of child sexual abuse, the methods and means by which offenders commit abuse, and five easy steps one can use to prevent child sexual abuse. Two videos are the centerpiece of the training: A Time to Protect God's Children and A Plan to Protect God's Children. The facilitators incorporate Archdiocesan policies and procedures into the training defining child sexual abuse, addressing the reporting of child sexual abuse, the screening and selection of employees and volunteers.
The Virtus training program implements safety mechanisms that send a message to all abusers and potential abusers: Child Abuse is not tolerated. Children are vigilantly protected. Victims are listened to, heard, and shielded from further abuse. And offenders are identified and punished. Virtus Website

Safe Environment Training Schedule

Class Name Start Date Location/Contact Class Schedule
Virtus "Protecting God's Children for Adults" 2/16/2019 St. Francis deSales-Main
135 S. Buesching Road
Lake Zurich, IL
No late arrivals admitted. Located in the Ministry Center one building south of the church. Room can be cold - bring a jacket.