Council #9056 Round Table

Meet our Council Round Table Chairman - PGK PFN FDD Jim Swanick

Our Council benefits greatly from the wisdom of its members.  One in particular stands out due to many accomplishments made to Our Order over 25 years of faithful loyal service.  SK Jim Swanick who has 'paid his dues' as a Past Grand Knight, Past Faithful Navigator and Former District Deputy, is known for many accomplishments - KOVAR, VKCCI, Special Olympics... the list is long and distinguished, sometimes summed up as PTT&TOT (pronounced "P-TOT" - short for Past This, That & The Other Things).  Because of his experience at the State level - SK Jim Swanick was appointed to be the Round Table Chairman.   In typical understated fashion, Jim's idea of 'quiet leadership' means he's responsible for Knights onboard an aircraft carrier... care to dare him on his past USN skills (he's a retired Chief Operations Specialist who nearly pre-dates radar...) ??  Suffice it to say, he is more than capable of dealing with aircraft carrier crews in his own way... a good thing for them... an even better thing for our Order.

Roundtable information comming soon.

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