St Charles-St Charles Council #823

Council #823 Round Table

Our Duties & Responsibilities

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  • The Guards Elect: Inside and Outside: Responsible for maintaining order and security of the council meetings. All Knights present membership cards to the guards to enter the Council chamber.
  • Advocate Elect: Represents brothers in advisory and in any fraternal legal affairs in which the council may be involved.
  • Trustees Elect (3): Guardians of your council’s funds. Are the three past Grand Knights.
  • Lecturer Elect: His duty is to provide enjoyable, informative, and educational programs for your council.
  • Treasurer Elect: Responsible for funds for the council providing a checks and balance for the financial portion of the council.
  • The Warden: His function is to set up the chamber, keeps the council jewels in proper condition and provides guidance to the candidates for membership in the council.
  • Recorder Elect: Assigned the important task of maintaining a full and accurate account of all Council meetings and minutes of actions.
  • Chancellor Elect: His duty is to be the wise advisor for the leaders in the council.  Oversees the Service Program Directors (Membership, Church, Community, Family, & Youth)
  • Membership Director: Appointed non-paid position by the Grand Knight. Overseen by the Chancellor. He is responsible for recruitment of new membership and programs to support such efforts.
  • Field Agent. This is an appointed paid position by Supreme Headquarters. Responsible for educating members about the Founder, eligible fraternal benefits, and Insurance Program services.
  • Financial Secretary. This is an appointed paid position.  Responsible for funds for the council.  The collection of dues, membership fees and membership cards, degree dates and update of contact information.
  • Deputy Grand Knight Elect: Responsible to be the Grand Knight as his “Right Hand Man” in all dealings with the council and its functions. He is also expected to be available should the Grand Knight become unavailable.
  • Grand Knight Elect: Oversees the Council meeting and is directly responsible for all business relating to the success and operation of the council.
  • The State Chairs/Supreme Chairs are run the same as the Council chairs only they operate at the State Level and Headquarter Levels.

St. Peter Parish Round Table Coordinator

John Hecei is our newly appointed Coordinator for St. Peter Church. 636-875-4485.

St. Charles Borromeo Parish

Paul Boschert Has agreed to be our council coordinator for Borromeo. 

St. Cletus Parish

Tim Schoolfield has agreed to be our Parish coordinator for St. Cletus. His number is 636-578-8865.