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Pro-Life Health Care Conference Recap

''Pro-Life Health Care Conference Recap

by Phil Sevilla


A pro-life health care conference addressing end of life issues was held on Saturday, November 19th, at Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church. Over 75 people were in attendance for the all day conference. The event started with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Christopher Phillips, pastor of the parish followed by seven lectures at the St. Anthony Hall.


A video of a lecture by Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Rene Gracida, presented health care problems surrounding organ transplantation and "brain death". Julie Grimstad, director of Life is Worth Living, a patient advocacy organization in Texas, gave two presentations on the health care crisis in America and the critical need for informed patient advocates to assist the elderly and disabled who cannot speak for themselves.


Stephanie Block, goddaughter of Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, well-known Catholic philosopher and  author, gave a thoughtful reflection on Dr. Von Hildebrand's talks and writings on the gift of redemptive suffering followed by a presentation by Mr. John Seago, a pro-life advocate and lobbyist in Austin, who informed attendees about the medical futility statutes in the Texas Advance Directive Act which according to Mr. Seago does not fairly balance patient and hospital rights and should be amended, hopefully in the next legislative session next year.


Deacon Robert Correa and Mr. Jesse Tovar spoke about their extensive service in hospice and hospital chaplaincy and the enriching experience both have been blessed with in serving the seriously sick and those in end of life situations. Mr. Tovar made an appeal of the need for more volunteers in hospital ministry.


James Keller and Cathy Campbell, both hospice nurses with extensive experience in hospice care, gave presentations on the history of the modern hospice movement which started with the charitable work of Physician, Dame Cicely Saunders, in England after WWII which spread to  the U.S. a few decades later.

Mr. Keller and Mrs. Campbell shared their experiences since becoming hospice nurses and both agreed their service and work  in hospice has been a rewarding and enriching experience for both of them.


The responses to the conferences have been very favorable and there is interest in continuing similar conferences and workshops within Catholic parishes and to form a patient advocacy organization in San Antonio.  If you are interested in participating in organizing a patient advocacy group in San Antonio,

please let me know.


Contact:  Phil Sevilla,, 210-784-0518

Knights of Columbus Round Table Pray for the Nation

On October 28th Knights of Columbus Council 4140 Round Table chaired by Brother Phil Sevilla, joined in a Prayer Vigil from 1pm to 8pm at Our Lady of The Atonement Catholic Church.  Each hour on the hour brother Knights Prayed the Silver Rose Rosary followed by the Patriotic Rosary. The Rosaries began every hour on the hour and were lead by Brother Phil Sevila, Michael Henriquez, Don Varella, Tom Dum, Tyler Miazga. They were joined by students from the Atonement Academy, Brother Deacon Michael D'Agostino, Brother General Agent Steve Michlik, Brother Ken Boone, and members of the parish.  The prayers were said for the protection of our Country, the protection of the pre-born, and Unity between the Nations of North America.

Father Phillips Extends Thanks For Knights of Columbus Volunteers

Dear Brothers in Christ,


     On behalf of Fr. Christopher Phillips, I extend to you a heart felt thanks for your work in the parish these last few weeks.  Through your efforts we were able to assist in keeping the parking lot safe and directing parking for over 200 cars, trucks and vans, for the Kings Fair which was a great success.  On Saturday November 5th, members of the round table Tom Stallard, Ed Monroe, Ed VonBerg, Tyler Miazga, Joe Irwin, Dr. Paul Ku and Dr. Armando Garza and Dan Morris(not pictured), joined Mike Henriquez our Field Agent in clearing a section of the woods on Our Lady of The Atonement property to provide a place for the Parish Trail Life Scouts to meet and camp.  The group of Knights were joined by Past Grand Knight Andrew Wilburn who provided a hot lunch for the brothers and Scouts that were present.


   We look forward to assisting brother Phil Sevilla in the upcoming Pro-Life conference scheduled on November 19th at the Atonement Academy. 


   Thank you again for your support and prayers,





Council 4140 Our Lady of The Atonement Round Table

Brother Knights we are good to go for the new Our Lady of The Atonement Round Table!



We have Fr Christopher Phillips blessings as well as approval from the Counil 4140 board of officers and Supreme Council to begin our Round Table.  Please make it a part of your routine, or add our council webage to your favorites or Home Page to keep up to date on upcoming events in our Events Calendar! RSVP by "Signing Up" for the event on that event's listing.  This will be helpful for planning purposes to make certain we have not only the manpower for the event but all the equipment and supplies such as food and water if they will be served to volunteers when applicable.