Council #1990 Round Table



Knights are Catholic men, at least 18 years old, who are committed to making their community a better place while supporting their church. Being a knight is being involved with your community, supporting your parish, enhancing your own faith and protecting and enhancing your family life.

Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference. You will make lifelong friends.

FAITH: Grow in your faith. Support your parish. Help with your parish fiesta. Knights become better Catholics.

FAMILY: We have many family activities each year such as picnics, council breakfasts, coats for kids and others. Give back to your community. Show your children how to make a difference.

FRIENDSHIP:You will meet like-minded men and make life-long friendships.

FUN: Have fun with your family and brother knights. See the smiles on the faces of those we help. Special Olympics, Food for Families, Habitat for Humanity and other activities.



Habitat for Humanity

Global Wheelchair Mission

Special Olympics

Coats for Kids

Food for Families

March for Life and Ultrasound Program

College Campus Missionary programs

House of Yahweh

Scholarships for seminarians and religious brothers and sisters

We support numerous community and parish activities at St James in Redondo Beach, St Lawrence Martyr in Torrance and St. John Fisher in Palos Verde

Chaplain's Message

Pope Francis recently declared that a new obligatory memorial is to be celebrated in honor of our Blessed Mother under the title: Mary, Mother of the Church (Mater Ecclesiae). Fittingly, this memorial will take place on the Monday following Pentecost Sunday. Pope Francis wrote in his decree, "in the course of the centuries, Christian piety has honored Mary with various titles, in many ways equivalent, such as Mother of Disciples, of the Faithful, of Believers, of all those who are reborn in Christ; and as "Mother of the Church" as is used in the texts of spiritual authors as well as in the Magisterium of Popes Benedict XIV and Leo XIII." In 1980, St. John Paul II added the Mother of the Church title to the Litany of Loreto, a highly indulgenced Marian litany commonly recited after the rosary. It should also be noted that in 1981 St. John Paul II added a mosaic icon, to the corner of the papal apartments overlooking St. Peter’s Square, of Our Lady as the Mater

Ecclesiae, in response to being shot and saved from an assassin’s bullet. From the moment that Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross spoke to Mary, saying "this is your son," referring to apostle John, and then to John, saying that "this is your mother," John then took the Blessed Mother into his own house. We are all called to take Our Blessed Mother into our own houses through various devotions, because she as a mother teaches us about her Son and protects us from the evils of the world. Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us!



Grand Knight's Message

Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year to you and your
family! As 2018 draws to a
close I want to thank you all for
a great year. We had a great
number of events featuring
Charity, Unity, and Fraternity! I
want to thank all of you for the
work that you did this year. As
a group we were really able to
make an impact in our
community and parishes.
I want to draw your
attention to some of the
upcoming events we have in the
next few months. January 27th
we will be hosting a Pancake
Breakfast at Saint John Fisher
please contact Brother Alan
Baptista who is coordinating the
event if you can support. We
have a monthly dinner on the
January 18th please bring your
family and friends to eat the
money goes to a great cause
and the food is always good.
On March 15th we will have our
first of 3 bi-weekly Lenten Fish
Fries, these fish fries are our
biggest fundraising events of the
year and help is always needed
so please consider volunteering
for a shift or more at these
events PGK Jim Shepard leads
this event each year. You will
hear more on the Fish Fry’s as
we get closer but I wanted to
plant the seed to get everyone
thinking about them as we get
As far as donations the last
2 months we sent our
installment checks to the 6
seminarians that we support.
We will be sending our last
checks for this year in January
to them.
Once more, Merry
Christmas and Happy New
Year! I hope to see you all at
some of the events coming up
in the next few months. Thank
you again for your support
and trust in me this year.