Deacon Douglas R Sliger Council #16127

Council #16127 Round Table

Bagram AB Roundtable

New Members at Bagram

Awsome and Praise the Good Lord for watching Over Us


7 New first degree canidates were exemplified at bagram in the first ever First Degree held for this Roundtable


Thank You Rich and Matt for carrying the Banners of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity to our Deployed Brothers of Faith


You Rock have a Safe Journey Home and see you soon


GK Rich Wood

Rich Jones and Matthew Train in AOR

Rich and Matt are in country and ready to go, they are getting direction on the Rountable effort and will let us know how it is going once they have a hance to make contact with current roundtable.


Rich and Matt have met with the chaplin at Bagrahm and intend to teach catechisiam classes, have requested materials for their classes, Worthy FS Br, Yeager has rounded up the material and will have it sent with Br. Richard Houghton as a care package.


Awsome Start Men, Best Wishes and God Speed.