Our Lady of the Lake Council #9337




May 2021

Ric Wisniewski

We wouldn't have had a Fish Fry at all, let alone a successful one, without Friar Ric. His dedication to this event has no rival. His involvement and organizational skills were integral. For the Fish Fry alone he deserves recognition. But the Grand Knight also wants to have another party in Poetry so please pass the butter!

November 2020

Ed Hromatka

When Jim Burzynski moved away from Rockwall Ed took the initiative to pick up the responsibility of the holiday food drive. His leadership in the midst of a pandemic caused the collection of over 1,000 bags of food and essential items like diapers for Helping Hands of Rockwall County. Thank you, Ed, for exhibiting a fundamental attribute of a Knight, charity.

October 2020

Mike Rasmussen

Worthy Treasurer Mike Rasmussen is responsible for making it possible to pay our dues with PayPal from our own website. He diligently researched the options available for this important tool, examining how other councils employ the service, seeking best practices. Council 9337 will be blessed for many years to come because of his initiative and professionalism.


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