November 2015

George French

For all his hard work chairing our Murder Mystery event. Great work George!!

June 2015

Jim Smith

Jim, our Lecturer, always made sure our fridge was stocked with water & soda and had food waiting for the council after all our business meetings. Jim went above and beyond his duty. Thank you Jim!!

May 2015

Ernie Courtrier

Every year Ernie puts in long hours and days collection money for the Handicap Drive. For the 3rd consecutive year, Ernie collected the most money for this great charity. Thank you Ernie!!

April 2015

Michael Roemer

Mike never misses a fundraiser or event. He's always there to give his brother Knights a helping hand. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

March 2015

Andy Wojtowicz

Andy is never misses an event. He is always helping out the council. He has been a huge asset to Council 8478 since joining. Thank you Andy!

February 2015

Mike Quick, JR.

Mike was voted in as our council's Recorder this year and has excelled in the position. Our meeting minutes are accurate week in and week out. Great work Mike!! Thank you!!

January 2015

Dennis Keller

For always leading a successful Pancake Breakfast, helping out with our Wrestling event and being a key player on our degree team. Thank you Dennis for all you do!!

December 2014

Manny Sapata

For working tirelessly in getting local businesses to sponsor our annual Professional Wrestling event. He was also a huge help in setting up the kitchen and cleanup after the event was over. Thank you Manny!!

December 2014

Mike Donahue

For helping out purchasing food and beverages and working the grill during our annual Professional Wrestling event. Thank you Mike!!

November 2014

Scot Pampaloni

For all his hard work during the membership drive and being our leading seller of Keep Christ in Christmas magnets! Thank you!!

October 2014

Bill Bathe

For spearheading our Wrestling Fundraiser. Bill has been working tirelessly on this committee to ensure we have a successful event. Thank you Bill!

September 2014

Edward Marks Sr.

For keeping me up to date on all our financial business and helping me out by giving me tips, advice, etc. in my first year as GK. Ed is always offering to help in anyway possible for the better of the council. Thanks Ed!

June 2014

Scot Pampaloni

Taking on so many different responsibilities and jobs for our council!

May 2014

Rich Lockwood

For his outstanding work leading the 1st and 2nd degree teams!

April 2014

Dennis Keller

For his continued support at all council activities including team member of the degree team and chairing the pancake breakfasts throught out the year!

March 2014

George Antonelli

For all his hard work on this years fund raising efforts!

February 2014

Ralph Montorio

For his assistance with the Food for the Hungry program and his dedicated work with the Social Concerns committee of the church.

January 2014

Bryan Dowdell

For his continued support and chairing the Council Free Throw Contest.


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