December 2019

Michael Buchholz

October 2019

Don Wargo

July 2019

Zach Ferell

May 2019

Council Guards

The Council Guards ere recognized for all the work they do on a regular basis. They always arrive early to the meetings to set up and stay late to clean. Pictured are Mike Virnig and Chris Perkovac. Not pictured are Terry Klaum and Roberto Lucha

December 2018

SK Gary Veith

November 2018

SK Randy Longshore

Randy had been instrumental in getting the weekly bread rund handles. He is always willing to respond on short notice. The bread run supplies needed for to the Casa Maria food shelter

October 2018

SK Jim Maino

September 2018

Mike Vernig

August 2018

Chester DeSantis

July 2018

Wayne Shields

June 2018

Jeff Schneider

Jeff was the Council's Grand Knight for the past year. He did an excellent job in bringing the Council to a new level. Not only did he spearhead several fundraising events, he lead in many of the Council activities supporting our parish community.

January 2018

Dave Chohon

Dave was in charge of the Super Bowl Subs sale that raised several hundred dollars for our Seminarians. This included taking orders over several weeks, coordinating and running the making of the subs as well as distribution. Dave is a true go to guy in the Council and his work is appreciated.

December 2017

Chric Perkovac

Chris was very instrumental in making sure the New Year's Eve celebration dinner/dance ran smoothly. He took point seeing the need when issues arose and dealt with them so everyone could have a great time.

November 2017

SK Gary Veith

A special Thanks to Gary for his outstanding job og getting the word out for the "Keep Christ in Christmas" campaign. He was instrumental in selling the Keeping Christ in Christmas, Christmas cards after each Mass.

October 2017

Mark Zbojniewicz

Mark Zbojniewicz (Sponge) is one of the work horses of our Council. Any thing there is a large event he is there to lend a hand. This past month Sponge worked effortlessly at our annual rummage sale. At the end of the sale there were enough items left over to more than fill two trucks. Sponge stepped up as always and made sure the area used appeared untouched before leaving. Thank you Mark for all your hard work.

September 2017

SK Dave Chohon

Dave was chosen as Knight of the Month for his outstanding support with two major events within our Council. He was instrumental in raising funds but getting advertisers for our Ocktoberfest program. He also spearheaded the Councils PWID drive making sure it was a great success. Great job Dave!

August 2017

SK Richard Clark

Richard transferred to Council 8077 a few months ago. In the short time he has bee here he has stepped up to help in just about every event needed. He is truly an asset to our Council.

May 2017

SK Ruben Sandoval

Ruben has been this year's Grand Knight. Over the past year he has been selected several times to be recognized as the Knight of the month due to his continued involvement in so many areas of the Churches activities. Ruben would not accept this recognition because he felt as a Grand Knight he should recognize other members of the Council, There are far too many things to list as to why Ruben should be this month's Knight of the Month.

April 2017

Joe Curran

Joe is an Officer in the Council and always assisting at meetings and church functions. Several months ago the Council started a new website, Joe volunteered to be the Webmaster and has built the website to be one of the best in the state. Joe spends several hours a week maintaining the website which is used as a tool for existing members and a recruiting asset for new members.

March 2017

Ryan Kimminau

Ryan has shown his dedication to our Council through the support he gave to Assembly 2308's annual Fish Fry even though he is not a 4th Degree Knight yet. He also assisted our Warden with the weekly bread runs and picking up items for our rummage sale.

March 2017

Louis estrella

Louis has shown his dedication to our Council through his support of Assembly 2308's annual Fish Fry even though he is not a 4th Degree Knight yet. He also assisted our Warden with the weekly bread runs and picking up items for our rummage sale.

February 2017

SK Bobby Nielsen

In recognition for his outstanding work in up-dating the Council By-Laws

January 2017

SK Jeff Schneider

Jeff is recognized for his dedication to growing the membership of the Council


October 2019

Tom Camensich

August 2019

The Jeff Schneider Family

July 2019

The Robert Lukavich Family

May 2019

Dcn Chris Kimminau

Dcn Chris and his family word endlessly on making sure the Council's Ultrasound Initiative Dinner/fundraiser was a successful event.

April 2019

Gary Veith Family

Gary and Martha Are both very active in the parish. They both worked at this year's fish fry helping to make it a success. They are also involved in the weekly Rosary every Friday evening.

March 2019

Robert Lukavich Family

Robert and his entire family were so involved in this year's Fish Fry and so much more. Thank you for all you do.

February 2019

SK Dave Chohon Family

For all the great work setting up, sales, making and distribution for super bowl subs

December 2018

Chris Beem Family

August 2018

Bill & Karen McEwen

May 2018

Bill & Karen McEwen

Bill and Karen we instrumental in the success of this year's K of C Arizona State Convention. They planned, assisted in the execution and participate in the Masses at the Convention where Bishop Wiesenberger was our celebrant .

January 2018

Terry and Nancy Klaum

Terry and Nancy are always helping the Council in the kitchen during our blood drives. This work is appreciated by all but especially those who need a snack after giving blood.

December 2017

SK Ruben Sandoval Family

The Sandoval family is always there when needed. During to New Year's Eve party staffing to serve the guest was minimal. See the need for assistance, the Sandoval family stepped up to help. This helped make for a smooth running evening.

November 2017

SK Randy Longshore Family

Randy and Theresa spend many hours every month assisting with both the Knights of Columbus and St. Vincent De Paul. They are always available to assist with short notice and everything they do is appreciated.

July 2017

Richard Preciado Family

One really can't say enough about how much this entire family steps up when needed. Rather asked for help or not, they are always there when there is work to be done.

May 2017

SK Ruben Sandoval Family

Ruben and his wife, Rose (not pictured), have dedicated themselves to lives of a Catholic family. They are involved in religious education, offering the gifts at Mass, promoting and participating in many special activities within the Church and have raised their children in a christian atmosphere. They are true leaders at St Elizabeth Ann Seton.

April 2017

SK Gary Veith Family

Gary and his wife have been instrumental in several aspects of our Council events. They organize the monthly corporate communion and most recently our up-coming annual Retreat. They both put in countless hours making sure things go smoothly. Gary is also our Council's lecturer. He always picks topics that are of interest to our members.

March 2017

SK Dave Chohon Family

Dave and his wife, Kathryn, assisted with every fish fry this year. They also do work with the on-going maintenance projects at the Convent for the Sisters of immaculate Heart.

March 2017

SK Bem Jimenez Family

Ben was a key component to the success of this year's fish fry. Every night of the fish fry his family worked right along beside him.