May 2016

Ron Wisniewski

MAY KNIGHT OF THE MONTH Knight of the Month for May is Ron Wisniewski for his commitment to help make the St Pius Carnival and especially the beer tent a great success. Ron was only one of a couple of guys that knew how to change the empty kegs, and made himself available all three days of the event. Thank You Ron for your support of one of the two parishes the council serves and for supporting your brother Knights

April 2016

Raymond Morello

APRIL KNIGHT OF THE MONTH The Knight of the Month Award for April was awarded to Ray Morello for chairing the Track Meet for the 49th consecutive year. Ray has dedicated most of his life to helping the kids into being better athletes and is looked up to by both the kids and their parents not to mention the rest of his brother Knights. The Council also received an award from the State for Program of the Year for the Track Meet which was given to Ray at our May meeting. It is long overdue and Ray is certainly worthy of receiving it

March 2016

John Plotke

The March Knight of the Month is awarded to John Plotke for his unwavering commitment to the Festa this year and to make it the best that the council has ever had. Since he was asked to chair the event he hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since.

February 2016

Rich Martin

The February Knight of the Month is awarded to Rich Martin for his continuing work chairing the Golf Outing which is scheduled for July 31. Rich is totally committed and dedicated to making this a very successful event, one which we haven’t had for a few years.

January 2016

Council 6090

The Knights of the Month for January is awarded to all of the members who helped with the Free Throw Contest held at Sacred Heart Church on January 23rd. Thank you for taking time on a busy Saturday to work this special event.

December 2015

Fred Kaefer

The December Knight of the Month is Fred Kaefer for his extraordinary professionalism in chairing this year’s Christmas Poster Contest. Fred’s thorough preparation and attention to detail made this a very successful event. We also have to recognize his wife Jeanne who was right there by his side to assist him with the event. THANK YOU Fred and Jeanne for an outstanding job.


Currently there are no Families of the Month