Kirkwood Council #2117




May 2024

Chris Sturm

Chris Sturm was awarded Knight of the Month for willingly stepping up to fulfill the role of Council Recorder when the position came open shortly after he joined Council 2117. Even though Chris was new to the Knights, he quickly mastered the minute book format and compiling of the monthly digital minutes for publication.

April 2024

Dennis Buchheit

Dennis Buchheit was honored with the Knight of the Month award for faithfully representing our Council each year at the Knights of Columbus State Convention. It is important to the Council to be represented at the state level by such a committed, long serving brother as Dennis.

March 2024

Dan Koskovich

Dan Koskovich was recognized for starting the Council 2117 Scholarship Program in 2019 and for his ongoing leadership of this program for its first 6 years. The program awards a $1,000 scholarship to ten local 8th Grade students choosing to attend a Catholic High School in the fall.

January 2024

Tony Jarboe

Tony Jarboe was presented Knight of the Month for his dependable presence at meetings, often assisted by his young son (an observant future Knight in development!). Tony is completing his second year as Deputy Grand Knight and is a driving force in new member recruitment that was vital in reaching the membership goals to achieve Star Council status.

December 2023

Phil Jozwiak

Phil Jozwiak was recognized as December Knight of the Month for his reliable service to the Council. Phil is an active Knight who can be counted on to quietly step up and help at many of our Council activities.

November 2023

Buzz Jelenik

Buzz Jelenik was recognized as the Knight of the Month for his consistent, committed efforts on behalf of the Council, including his regular and reliable attendance at Council business meetings along with his term as President of the Council’s legacy realty company. With his leadership, a plan was proposed to liquidate the realty company and donate the existing funds to the Council for its charitable activities. The process was recently completed thanks, in large part, to Buzz’s insight and leadership.

October 2023

David Renard

David Renard was recognized for his role in the success of our busy Fall program schedule, volunteering at the Greentree Festival and leading the expanded DDD Tootsie Roll Drive that included arranging volunteers for four full days at the Kirkwood Schnucks and Sunday Masses at our two big parishes as well as leading the Coats-for-Kids program for the upcoming Christmas season distribution of coats for local school children in need.

September 2023

David Andereson

Over the years, David has worn many hats for the Council, including serving as Grand Knight. His time as a Knight is characterized by dedicated service, regular involvement, and long hours helping grow our Council including stepping in to serve out the open term of Council Treasurer. David can be counted on to support all our charitable efforts and acts as a key Council contact at St Gerard Majella Parish.

August 2023

Leon Goldstein

Leon Goldstein was recognized as Knight of the Month for his selfless acts of service. Leon, and his wife Susan, took a parishioner to an outpatient surgery appointment. Upon arrival, there was a 4-to-5-hour delay but rather than leave the parishioner there, Leon patiently waited all day at the hospital and then assisted the parishioner during the recovery period. Leon’s generous actions are an example of just what Fr McGivney envisioned.

July 2023

Tim Leitner

Tim Leitner was recognized with the July 2023 Knight of the Month award. Shortly after joining Kirkwood Council 2117, Tim stepped up in a leadership role to fill in as Recorder and since then has become a dependable volunteer willing to serve in numerous Council activities. Tim as an excellent example of a new Brother Knight quickly involving himself in the activities and support or our organization.

May 2023

David McCoy

David McCoy was honored for leading the effort to organize the St Peter parish Man-The-Can efforts to raise funds for Sts Teresa & Bridget Food Pantry. For the past several years, his ongoing organizing efforts have ensured that each month we are able to generate the resources required to provide for those most in need of food support.

April 2023

Tony Jarboe

Tony Jarboe was recognized for his steadfast commitment to helping Council 2117 grow. His efforts were a major reason we were able to reach our annual new member goal for the first time in many years.

March 2023

Bill Robison

Bill Robison was recognized for his efforts to showcase to his children the importance of our Catholic faith and service to our parish community. Bill is an usher at St Peter Church Sunday Mass and often has his children help with usher duties, including collections and bulletin distribution after Mass. In the short time Bill has been a member of Council 2117 he has shown a commitment to helping our Council whenever volunteer opportunities arise.

February 2023

David Anderson

David was acknowledged for his years of service to Council 2117 and for his ongoing work to ensure the Council has a strong presence at St Gerard Majella parish. David can be counted on to step up and participate in nearly every Council activity.

January 2023

David Renard

David was acknowledged for his years as Financial Secretary, as he prepares to transition those duties shortly to Tom Foy. Besides this work, David can be counted on to step up and participate in nearly every Council activity throughout the year.

November 2022

Dennis Buchheit

Dennis is a long-time member of Council 2117 and Past Grand Knight who has been generous with his time for many years both at our Council and at the 4th Degree Assembly. Dennis has been instrumental in spearheading the Council’s annual community fundraising outreach for Old Newsboys Day for many years, braving many cold November mornings for this charitable endeavor!

October 2022

Buzz Jelinek

Buzz Jelinek can always be counted on to show up and help our Council with all of our various service and fundraising activities. His willingness to help has been instrumental in the success of many of our events and he serves as an excellent model of involved Knighthood to others as we seek to expand volunteer involvement to do more for our church and community.

August 2022

Zach Bevins

Zach Bevins was honored for his many hours and months of work behind the scenes to make our Council’s 3rd Annual Charitable BBQ a success as a core member of the team planning and executing this year’s event. Zach’s mastery of the grill continues to earn rave reviews and we appreciate his work and all the hours he puts into preparing and grilling for this and many other events throughout the year.

August 2022

Dan Koskovich

Dan Koskovich was honored for the many hours of work behind the scenes to make our Council’s 3rd Annual Charitable BBQ a success working with the core team in planning and executing this year’s event. Dan’s efforts made it possible for customers to order online and pay with a credit card this year and he did the graphic design for the event flyers and banners. Dan also leads our communication efforts with his work on the Council database, the website and the monthly newsletter.

July 2022

Joe Booth

PGK Joe Booth was recognized for his efforts in guiding Council 2117 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Juggling new technologies to meet remotely and ensure the safety of all members, he was still able to keep the Council active and productive through a period of unprecedented chaos and uncertainty. Under his leadership Council 2117 relaunched the charitable BBQ and continued to reach out and support numerous community efforts during the various lock-down stages of the pandemic.

May 2022

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan was recognized for his regular attendance at Council meetings and dependable assistance with the monthly Man-the-Can efforts at St Peter Church.

March 2022

Keith Beardslee

Keith was recognized for his dependable involvement in nearly every activity the Council undertakes. Keith created the role of Communications Director for the Council and has been instrumental in developing a strong connection with our served parishes, coordinating parish bulletin insertions, announcements from the altar and our presence in parish emails and vestibule video displays. Keith also regularly taps his network of family and friends, with his fundraising efforts being the largest contributor to the success of the charitable BBQ and nativity set seminary fundraiser.

February 2022

Zach Bevins

Zach Bevins (right) is recognized for his dependable leadership of every cooking activity (BBQs, Men Night of Reflection, Pancake Breakfasts, etc, etc) and his gracious gift of space in his warehouse to safely assemble and store the 250 nativity sets for this season's seminary fundraiser activity.

January 2022

John Modder

Council Advocate John Modder is recognized for being such a dependable member in support of our many activities! During this last year, with all the pandemic restrictions, John could be counted on to jump in and help…tapping beer at Greentree, running the cashier table at St Peter Fest, assembling Nativity sets…you name it and John was there.

December 2021

Tom Foy

Tom Foy (left) was recognized for his readiness to answer any call to service, especially during this past year. Tom, a Past Grand Knight, still stepped up to take on the duties of Council Treasurer when the position recently needed filling. His cheerful enthusiasm and commitment to Council 2117 makes him an undeniable Knight of the Month!

November 2021

Tim Leitner

Tim was recognized as a recent new member of the Council who quickly become active in several activities and enthusiastically volunteered to assume the important role of Recorder when the position recently opened up. Tim quickly mastered the Council Minute Book processes and has become an integral member of the Council Officer team.

October 2021

Ben Krueger

Ben was recognized as a recent new member of the Council that, in his short time with us, has become active in several activities including helping with the Drive Thru BBQ event and the after-Mass reception for St Peter’s new pastor Fr O’Toole. Ben is a great example of a new Brother Knight getting quickly involved whenever his busy schedule with his young family duties allows.

September 2021

Kevin Miller

Kevin recently joined Council 2117. After several years of helping with the St Peter Fish Fry dinner team, Kevin shared his culinary skills at the KofC Drive Thru BBQ fundraiser and is being recognized for his efforts procuring, preparing and serving the very popular side dishes that accompanied the BBQ main courses.

August 2021

David Anderson

Past Grand Knight David Anderson was recognized for his prolific efforts as the lead Knight at St Gerard Majella for the Nativity Set and Drive Thru BBQ parish sales efforts. Even with the many restrictions presented by the ongoing COVID pandemic, David can be counted on to be the face of the Council at St Gerard Majella parish.

July 2021

David Renard

GK Joe Booth presented the Knight of the Month award to Brother David Renard (right) in recognition for Dave’s excellent work as Financial Secretary for many years and most especially during the difficult COVID pandemic. His enthusiastic involvement in nearly every activity of the Council is most appreciated. Congrats to David Renard!

June 2021

Dan Koskovich

In recognition of his ongoing efforts to improve the Council website and newsletter, database management and the success of the Council 2117 Scholarship Program. Dan started the Scholarship Program two years ago and the 2021 program was the largest yet: 31 applicants competed for ten $1,000 scholarships which were awarded to the winning graduating 8th graders at St Peter and St Gerard Majella Schools.

December 2020

Zach Bevins

In recognition for his efforts in arranging all cooking details for the 1st Annual KofC Council 2117 BBQ. Zach arranged the menu, procured the food and organized and led the food preparation, recruited the cooks (Knights, St Peter Fish Fry team and entire Bevins family!) and led the meat grilling efforts that resulted in a delicious BBQ meal enjoyed by all and a very successful fundraiser.

November 2020

Keith Beardslee

In recognition for spearheading the communications and solicitation efforts for the 1st Annual KofC Council 2117 BBQ and for his excellent work increasing awareness of the Knights of Columbus through prominent website, Facebook, and parish Sunday Bulletin placements.

September 2020

David McCoy

In recognition of his efforts chairing Sts Teresa & Bridget Food Pantry fundraising and for establishing critical online collection program during the cancellation of Masses during the pandemic restrictions.

February 2020

Tom Foy

In recognition for the many months of effort coordinating and planning the 100th Anniversary Mass and Celebration for Council 2117.

November 2019

David Renard

In recognition for organizing the annual Tootsie Roll campaign and Green Tree Festival member participation recruiting and scheduling in addition to his faithful service throughout the year as Council Financial Secretary.

August 2019

Joe Booth

In recognition of leading Council 2117 efforts in support of Birthright.

July 2019

Jerry Meier

In recognition of his dedicated efforts in chairing the Man-The-Can program at St Peter Church to benefit the food pantry at Saints Teresa and Bridget parish.

May 2019

Ray Buehler

In recognition of the work being done to audit and update the member database information and for stepping up to co-chair the Man-The-Can efforts at St Peter Church in support of Saints Teresa and Bridget food pantry.

April 2019

Dan Koskovich

In recognition for work creating and launching Council 2117 website and for designing and producing the inaugural Council 2117 High School Scholarship Program.


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