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February 2017

Chris Miros

January 2017

Ray Ireland

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Cliff Bennett

November 2016

Kevin Dempsey

October 2016

David Abbott

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Jim Burke

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Jim Dellaccio

July 2016

Kevin Dempsey

June 2016

Doug Sallurday

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Ray Ireland

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Patrick Shamroe

March 2016

Nick Hine

February 2016

Eric Bricco

January 2016

Patrick Shamroe

December 2015

Leo Varrenault

November 2015

Richie Cortese

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Mikael McKinney

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David Bernard

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Dan Catena

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Kevin Dempsey

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Frank Bufis

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Patrick Shamroe

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Ken Koschnitzki

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Joey Roberts

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Thomas Ward

January 2015

Patrick Shamroe

December 2014

Eric Bricco

November 2014

Marty Riley

October 2014

Nick Hine

August 2014

David Abbott

Great job planning and running the Mullholland Poker Night!

July 2014

Deacon Ray Perham

June 2014

Jeff Crouch


December 2023

Slocum Family

The Knights of Columbus council 1668 are pleased to announce that the Slocum family has been designated the Family of the Month. Adam and Emma, with their six children, recently moved to Greenville, SC and attend OLR church and school. Adam teaches at OLR, directs the theatre program, and coaches the girls’ Varsity volleyball program. William (4th) loves playing basketball and football. Lydia (2nd) enjoys practicing piano, playing volleyball, and reading as many books as possible! Walter (1st) enjoys building with Legos and learning how to read. Wesley (K4) enjoys playing catch and wrestling with Walter. Emma stays at home with Lucy (3) and Louis (1) maintaining peace and keeping our family held together in prayer.

October 2023

Strelow Family

Paul and Rebecca volunteer at OLR often with Paul coaching and taking on the photographer duties for OLR sports and Rebecca tutoring, Structured Literacy / Dyslexia Interventionist., and Volunteer parent coordinator for school strings program. Their children are all enrolled at OLR and very active with Abby who participates and leads this year’s senior class in many ways, Kate who’s in the Choir, on the Varsity basketball team, school plays and an outstanding soccer player. Anna plays the violin, in the church choir and takes taekwondo. Their oldest Blake was a member of the First graduating class from OLR, Won school's Mission Award junior year and Transcendental Award senior year. Longtime altar server and current engineering student at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Mary Elise has just started 1st grade at OLR.

September 2023

September Family of the Month- Anders Family

The Anders Family is made up of Shep, Mindy, Madelyn, Sophie, John, Carolina, David, Mary, Teresa, and Zélie. This year Shep opened an Allstate agency, and it is going well. Shep also finds time to help coach the OLR middle school basketball team and Coaches the OLR LIONS Flag football team for 2nd graders. He has three employees and their first year looks like it is going to be a success. Shep and Mindy help teach Family honor, a theology of the body class for middle school students and their parents. Their oldest, Madelyn, is a senior and is discerning her next steps after high school. She is a gifted writer and artist, with a special love for poetry, and sings in the choir. Sophie is in tenth grade, does great in school, on stage, and in the choir, is always reading, and is a favorite with her younger siblings. John is in eighth grade, made a splash as the star of the middle school play last year, and is looking forward to playing basketball again this year. His enthusiasm for life is contagious. Carolina (5th grade) is THE favorite of her baby sisters and is a favorite wherever she goes because of her affection, enthusiasm, and helpfulness. She is thriving in her newfound favorite sport: soccer! David (3rd grade) is a deep thinker like his big sister Madelyn and is also a budding comedian, but his proudest accomplishment is the yardage and touchdowns he made playing flag football last year with his dad as quarterback. Mary (1st grade) is a spunky mix of extreme femininity and athleticism. She taught herself to ride a bike and is now teaching herself gymnastics. She loves sports and all things horses. Teresa (Age 4) is a smart little cookie. She plays a wicked game of memory, is learning chess, and is starting in on her abc’s. Zélie (Age 2) is learning to talk by repeating everything her family members say word for word and loves to be helpful, especially by handing out rosaries during family prayer.

October 2014

Charles and Peggy Bowles

August 2014

Marty & Cheryl Riley

July 2014

Joseph & Michelle Roberts

June 2014

Mike & Sandy Miros