Our Lady of the Rosary Council #13272




July 2020

John Alese

June 2020

Mick Streff

May 2020

Dave Green

April 2020

Joe Dylla

March 2020

George Vince

He is a YES MAN in the best sense of that term. Volunteers everywhere there is a need.Here to Help, Membership Director , Retention, Pancake Breakfasts, Lenten Soup Supper

February 2020

Paul Guertin

Paul, leader of the Faith pillar in our Faith in Action program, brought the plight of Brother Knight Todd Ponder (locked-in syndrome following a serious stroke) to our Council. He established a visiting schedule and encouraged other Brother Knights to also visit Todd. Todd's spirits were lifted by the visits and rosaries and the family was very thankful. Paul is a role model for other Brother Knights.

February 2020

Vin Allen

In recognition of his dedication to visiting Brother Knight Todd Ponder and inviting others to accompany him. He is a role model for Knights.

January 2020

Doug Stewart

Always stepping in to help --> photos, website maintenance, Consecration to the Holy Family and now replacing Adoph as State Raffle chairman!

December 2019

Mike Kelly

Instrumental in establishing our Tucson Roadrunners Hockey "Knight", a creative way to help bolster PWID collection in light of losing access to major grocery chains. Well Done!

December 2019

Mike Wood

Reverse Raffle Chairman!! Big Job-- didn't even let getting hit by a Semi-tractor trailer stop him from completing his tasks!

December 2019

Mark Malloy

Reverse Raffle Lead Ticket Sales!! Out there week after week until all tickets sold!!

December 2019

Joe Dragel

Reverse Raffle Door Prize lead

November 2019

JD McGuigan

PWID Chairman!!

October 2019

Larry Farnam

Hard working Worthy Financial Secretary!!

September 2019

Daniel Marsh

Worthy Lecturer!!

August 2019

Dennis Fasciani

Tireless worker, Always says YES!!

July 2019

Michael McElheny

Mike, McElheny Life Program Director, last year, also BOD member of Reachout, Evangelization committee, Fr. John’s right hand idea man!, and ALSO Hard Working MOVER!!

June 2019

John Alese

Leading the CTSO Knights Scholarship Fund- over $28K collected and distributed to worthy Parishioner families in the form of Scholarships to Catholic Schools.

May 2019

Adolph Fejfar

For chairing the AZ State Raffle and almost single-handedly getting us to the $5K ticket sales level.

April 2019

Colin Cordell

Chairing the Catholic Essay contest and the Organ Donor Sunday!!

March 2019

John Galen

Headed up the cooking and provided a delicious steak dinner for our record setting Priest Appreciation Dinner. Raised over $10K!!

March 2019

Mike Kelly

Our social chairman, set and and executed a wonderful St. Patrick's Day Party = dinner dance for the whole Parish!!

March 2019

Chuck Whinery

Chaired the record setting Priest Appreciation Dinner !! Raised over $10K!!

February 2019

Richard Mendoza

Chaired the Free Throw Competition we held at IHHS.

January 2019

Tony Masterjohn

Leads Blood Drives, Admission Degree team, Food Drive for IMPACT of Southern AZ.

December 2018

Paul Guertin

Overall chairperson of highly successful Reverse Raffle. = major annual fundraiser.

December 2018

Mark Malloy

Head of ticket sales for Reverse Raffle, PWID chairperson

December 2018

Joe Dragel

Led obtaining door prizes for Reverse Raffle-- go the most ever.

December 2018

Mike Goodwin

Great job as St. Nick visits St. Mark, Immaculate Heart Elementary.

November 2018

Carlos Figueroa

Chairperson for Arizona Rosary Celebration.

October 2018

MIck Streff

Heads up Faith In Action - Program Director, Evangelization Stickers.

September 2018

Mike Wood

Donut co-chairperson, Led Coats for Kids, BBQ for Trunk or Treat...

August 2018

George Vince

Membership Director, Heading up Here to Help Table...Retention Committee

July 2018

Rick Johnson

Leading 5th Sunday Rosary. Keynote speaker at our annual Prayer Breakfast.


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