August 2022

Raul Perez

Raul has been a great example for our Youth and worked with the Squires to conduct a successful E Games (Smash Brothers) Tournament at St. Francis in August. He also organized another successful BBQ Social at Rudy's BBQ. The place was packed with Knights and their families! Great Job Raul!

July 2022

Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo organized the Silver Rose event that was held in July. The Knights of Columbus Council #12480 hosted the Silver Rose at St. Francis of Assisi at St. Francis on July 17th. The KofC Assembly #3004 4th Degree Color Corp., Council #12480, Squires and Squire Roses were all involved in the event and worked closely with St. Francis of Assisi to make this a success. Ricardo coordinated with all those groups as well as the St. Francis Staff. He had 1 Knight read a script at each Mass and personally guarded the Silver Rose all day Sunday. Hats off to you Ricardo for a job well done!


August 2022

The Hill Family

What an example to all families....Grady, his wife and his kids are always at church helping out. The Hill family is "top notch" and they practice their faith with the community here at St. Francis. I believe the Hill family should be recognized.

July 2022

The Perez Family

Raul and Yoli organized our first Family Social of the year. An Ice Cream Social was held in July that brought together Knights and their families. A great time was had by all!