Father M Joseph McDonnell Council #11044




June 2019

Andy Gothreau

Outstanding service as Grand Knight, 7/1/18 - 6/30/19

June 2019

Leroy Wignot

Outstanding service organizing and conducting annual pre-Mother's Day Flower Sale

May 2019

William Huser

For outstand service to Council 11044 as a volunteer during 2018-19.

April 2019

SK Norm Sesi

Outstanding service as organizer or the 2019 Lenten Fish Dinners

March 2019

Dan Dobson

For outstanding service in organizing and administering the 2019 membership dues program.

February 2019

Rob O'Dell

Outstanding service as Protocol Training Chairman

January 2019

Daniel Traub

Outstanding job as SMG Tootsie Roll Chairman

December 2018

Matthrew Van Dyke

Outstanding job as acting GK in October, 2018

November 2018

Robert Giczewski

Outstanding job as OLMC Tootsie Roll Chairman

October 2018

SK Lawrence Clark

For outstanding success as chairman of annual mum sale

September 2018

SK William DeBone

Recognizing Bill for his outstanding efforts with the August, 2018 Blood Drive

August 2018

SK Robert Shocklee

Recognizing Bob for his outstanding efforts and leadership with the OLMC Rosary Program.

July 2018

SK Neal Stock

Recognizing Neal for his outstanding efforts and leadership with the June, 2018 Flower Sale.

June 2018

Rob O'Dell

Recognizing Rob and his Lady, Lori, and all of their service to the parish, OLMC ministries, and OLMC parishioners including those who have suffered with the illness and death caused by cancer.

May 2018

Leroy Wignot

Recognizing Leroy's leadership and efforts in the planning and execution of the very successful Seminarian Flower Sale at OLMC on May 5/6.

April 2018

SK Norm Sesi SK David Pauley

Recognized for their contributions to the great success of this year's Lenten Family Dinners held at OLMC. Many enhancements were introduced to the menu, marketing, entertainment, and expense management.

March 2018

SK Richard Kolic SK Jerrod Carter

Recognizing these Sir Knights for their outstanding contributions to our Lenten Fish Dinner events - putting in long hours and taking on the difficult duties

February 2018

SK Bill DeBone

Recognizing Bill's contributions as the co-Chairman of a very successful OLMC Parish Blood Drive on January 14th.

January 2018

SK Carlos Fernandez

Recognized for work being completed as Treasurer for the council.

December 2017

SK Rob O'Dell

SK Rob O'Dell is being recognized for his humanitarian services - having taken in a terminal cancer patient until her passing and hosting her entire family (17 members) at their home throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and following Monday and Tuesday for funeral services.

November 2017

SK Norm Sesi

Recognized for his work in putting together a Knights of Columbus membership booth at the Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run's vendor expo.

October 2017

SK Larry Clark

Recognized for being the chairman of the Pro Life Mum Sale

September 2017

SK David Pauley

SK/GK David Pauley is being recognized for his leadership role in making the OLMC Parish Blood Drive (August 27th) a success. 103 units donated!

August 2017


July 2017

SK Stan Sippel

Sir Knight Stan Sippel (PGK) is being recognized for his work in delivery of furniture and various handyman activities with the underprivileged of the parish.

June 2017

Al Koeske

Al Koeske is being recognized for his acceptance of numerous service positions over the years and for recently filling in for Recorder Jim Kuszewski

May 2017

Jim Shewmaker

Jim Shewmaker is being appreciated for his work on the successful Lenten Fish Fry events this past year.

April 2017

Andy Gothrea & Carlos Fernandez

Andy Gothreau and Carlos Fernandez are being recognized for their efforts in organizing the 1st Annual Knights & Ladies Recognition Dinner at Biaggi's restaurant

March 2017

Bob Giczewski

Sir Knight Bob Giczewski recognized for his instrumental role in the success of the Officer Meeting & Member Social events held over the past 6 months.

February 2017

Gordon McCallister

Sir Knight Gordon McCallister (PGK) is being recognized for his work as the Gibault Envoy.

January 2017

Joe Donahue

Joe Donahue is thanked for his diligent efforts in supporting the Parish's semi-annual Blood Drive.

December 2016

Frank Bienas

Sir Knight Frank Bienas is recognized for his outstanding service as the Council's Lecturer over the past several years.

November 2016

Tom Lorson

Tom Lorson is being recognized for his efforts in leading the Council's annual Tootsie Roll Drive.

October 2016

Larry Clark

Larry Clark is recognized for his leadership role in the recent Pro-Life Mum Sale.

September 2016


August 2016


July 2016

Joe Marcheggiani

Sir Knight Joe Marcheggiani is recognized for his contributions to the council.

June 2016


May 2016

Leroy Wignot

Leroy Wignot is recognized for his faithful service towards the Lighthouse Ministry CDs made available to the parish in the Narthex.

April 2016

Gordon McCallister

Sir Knight Gordon McCallister (PGK) is recognized for his efforts as the Gibault Envoy.

March 2016

Jim Shewmaker

Jim Shewmaker is recognized for leading the Lenten Fish Fry events.

February 2016

Larry Moran

Larry Moran is recognized for his diligent efforts in serving as the council's Warden.


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