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Please include those identified below in your prayers. The prayer requests described below have been submitted by brother Knights. Each request remains here for one month.

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Submitted on Saturday, February 1, 2020 for:
Family and Friends of Brother Knights

Fr. Christopher Deitz, OFM Conv,
former Minister Superior of Fr.
Peter’s Franciscan community who is
chronically ill with an auto-immune
disease which has incapacitated
Friar Israel Sebastian ArauzRosiles, seminarian and member of
Conventual Franciscans of
California, recently diagnosed with
a mass in his stomach.
George Klein, brother in law of BK
Nick Tesi, who is recovering from
brain surgery and suffers from
Laurie Munday, cousin of BK Bill
Munday, who is suffering from
terminal breast cancer.
Christopher Goyette, age 41, son
of cousin of BK John Brouillard, who
was recently diagnosed with liver
and lung cancer. He has five
children; all under 9 yrs old.
BK Fernando Corral, was
hospitalized with an infection. He is
also wheelchair bound.
+BK Hugh O’Brien, who passed
away recently. He was also a
member of the 4th degree Council.
+Mr. Peter Trac Tran, father of Fr.
Huong Tran, pastor of Nativity
Catholic Church, Torrance, CA. who passed
away from Parkinson’s Disease in Vietnam.