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Submitted on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 for:
Russell McIsaac, son of Brother Dave McIsaac (Charter Member of Council 13049)

As if Russell & his partner did not have enough to deal with, their unborn child died by miscarriage.
Let us pray also that they may be consoled upon their unborn child's tragic death.

Submitted on Friday, April 30, 2021 for:
Russell McIsaac

Yvonne McIsaac, wife of Dave McIsaac, Charter Member of St. Edith Stein Council 13049 advised their son, Russell, 36 years old, residing in Kelowna, BC, just found out that he is diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer (Rectal, Liver, & Lymph Nodes). He also just found out that his girlfriend is expecting their first child. Yvonne asked for prayers for Russell.
May Russell McIsaac and his family receive the best possible medical care and support.
Tim Halderson
Deputy Grand Knight