CLICK HERE to see our off-site Council photos at https://johnwhitman.zenfolio.com/p196208000

CLICK HERE to see our off-site Council photos at https://JohnWhitman.zenfolio.com/p196208000

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Chili Cook-Off 20240406

Olney Theater Fiddler on the Roof

Inwood House 10/27/2023

2023 Tootsie Roll

Council Installation of Officers August 6, 2023

20230729 Seminarian Family Day at St. Patrick

June 21, 2023 Social Meeting Joseph Schuler From Guadalupe Radio Network

Mardi Gras Dinner St. Peter's 2/18/2023

Breakfast with St. Nick 12/3/2022

Council Award

Council Socializing at Olney Theater at the Play Beauty and the Beast 11/18/2022

Inwood House October 28, 2022

Spaghetti Dinner Our Lady of Grace October 22, 2022

2022 Council Installation July 24, 2022

Maryland State Program Night at Our Lady of Good Council High School

Council Luncheon June 12, 2022

St. Peter's Fall Fair November 5, 2021

Inwood House October 29, 2021

Peter Paul Maher Council Supports the 2021 Archdiocesan Seminarian Picnic

May 16, 2021 Council Exemplification

2021 Easter Vigil Mass Fr. Jim Boccabella

January 29, 2021 March for Life At St. Patrick's Church

Blessing of Council Storage Building 2019