Star of the Sea Council #4245


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Shrimp Boil 2023

40 Cans for 40 Days 2023

44th Hand in Hand


Working Together BBQ

Charitable Giving

Spring Cash Bash 2023


Advent Food Drive 2022

Big One 2022

Winter BBQ 2023

PA Skills 2022

Sneak Peek 1

St Joseph Icon

Online Auction 2022

New Members

Family Picnic 2022

Knighthood Degree Certificate Presentation

Family Picnic 2022

Hand in Hand 2022

40 Cans for 40 Days 2022

Big One 2022

Spring Cash Bash 2022

1st Annual Chicken BBQ for St Jude's

Charitable Works

Cash Raffle Winners

Winter BBQ2021 Check Presentation

Advent Food Drive 2021

ISB Grant

Brothers helping a Brother

Habitat for Humanity September 2021

30/06 Gun Raffle

Ladies Night 2021

Ithica Gun Raffle

Family Picnic Flyer 2021

42nd Annual Hand in Hand Chicken BBQ

2nd Gun Raffle Winner

Hand in Han 2021

1st Gun Raffle Winner

SVDP Needs Check Presentation

PA Skills Grant 2020

Gun Raffle Winner

SVDP Needs

Work Day Fall 2019

Founders Award

2019 Annual Hand in Hand Steak Dinner Celebration

Work Day September 2019

Riverbank Stabilization Project

Skills Grant

40th Annual Hand in Hand Chicken BBQ

Word Day May 2019

40 Cans for 40 Days 2019

Spring 2019 Cash Bash

Annual Hand in Hand Kickoff Spaghetti Dinner

Council Work Day March 2019

Donation to SVDP

Star Council Award

Ladies Night 2018

New 4th Degree Members

Council Home Work Days

Our New District Deputy Installed into office

Members from our Council Help Plant Grass at Habitat for Humanity Home

Visit to Shriner's Hospital

39th Annual Hand in Hand Chicken BBQ

Cash Bash April 2018

Awards for new 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Knights

Guest Speaker on Lyme Disease

40 Cans for 40 Days 2018

2017 Fall PowerSports Raffle Event

3 Generations

2016 Shelby Super Snake Picnic Give Away

Basketball Free Throw Contest 2017

Jaycee Memorial Eagle Scout Project by Justin Detwiler

Michael Elder Eagle Scout Project

38th Annual Hand in Hand Chicken BBQ

40 Cans for 40 Days 2016

Free Throw 2015

40 Cans for 40 Days Food Collection 2015

40 Can for 40 Days

Ladies Night 2014

Presentation of 2nd Degree Certificates March 2014 and Ceremony Pictures

First Degree Ceremony in honor of Father Crosser

July 2014 Meeting

35th Annual Hand in Hand Chicken BBQ

2014 Free Throw Championship

December 2014 Meeting

First Annual Mother's Day Buffet

Award for Chaplain Father Legarski

Eagle Scout Project our council help fund.

Presentation of 3rd Degree Certificates

34th Annual Hand in Hand Chicken Bar B Q

Annual Ladies Night Dinner

First Degree November 2013

50th Anniversary Celebration Friday Photos

50th Anniversary Saturday Photos

50th Anniversary Sunday Photos

Family Picnic 2013

Bus Trip to Emmitsburg

2016 Shelby Super Snake Raffle