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KofC Vanity Plate

Delaware Knights of Columbus license plates are available to any brother Knight who is a member of Delaware State Council in good standing.  To select a number call the chairman.  The chairman will send the member an approved request.  The approved request is completed by the member and sent to the Department Motor Vehicle (DMV) with nominal one time charge of $10.

When you get a KC tag you keep your present tag. The old tag must be kept in the vehicle at all times and display of either or both tags is legal. The KC tag can be put on a truck up to 3/4 ton capacity.

When you pay the $10 fee and get a new KC plate, it will include a second expiration sticker for the KofC plate.  It takes about 6 weeks to get a new tag from DMV.  When your registration expires and you go to re-register the vehicle the DMV will give you two expiration stickers.

When you transfer your tags to a new vehicle the KC tag transfers at no cost.  The name of the brother Knight to whom the plate is issued must be on the vehicle registration (vehicle may be co-registered with a non-knight such as a spouse).  If a member dies the tag must be returned to the DMV.  Tags are not transferable and they must be returned to DMV. 

James Gardner, PSD
Chairman of the Delaware License Plate Program
229 Galleon Dr. 
Newark, DE 19702 
(H) (302) 737-7364
(C) (302) 276-4021


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