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Form 100 - New Member Form Digital

The attached Form 100 (New Membership) is PDF fillable, so that you or a candidate can simply fill the form out on your phone, tablet or computer and print it out for signatures.  If you or the candidate is techology savy, you can also sign it on your phone, tablet and computer and submit it directly for the Grand Knight's and Financial Secretary's signatures.

Please keep this file on whatever device you use, so that you have it avaialble when you are talking to a potential recruit.



Crux aim is to be a “one-stop-shopping” destination for the best in Catholic news, analysis and commentary. Born in September 2014 as a project of the Boston Globe, today Crux is an independent Catholic media outlet, operated in partnership with the Knights of Columbus and supported both by its advertisers and by a number of other Catholic organizations, institutions and individuals.  Crux has special editorial interests, such as religious freedom and anti-Christian persecution around the world, but it covers the whole Catholic story – “All Things Catholic,” to use the title of editor John L. Allen Jr’s Sunday column.

Loyola Jesuit Center

Loyola Jesuit Center is a very special place. It has been used for retreats since 1927. Since then, thousands of people have walked through its doors, seeking peace, restoration and God’s presence. In today’s busy and often uncertain world, such a place is needed more than ever. Loyola's retreats offer people of all faiths, cultures, and ages and from all walks of life, a place of peaceful silence where they hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, find serenity, and deepen their relationship with God.

Whithim-Kanapaux Funeral Home

Knights of Columbus Official App (IOS and Android)


In the March 2015 Knightline, there is an article on the new membership Supreme App for Both iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) & Android Operating Systems. For your convenience, you can find this article pasted below. This can be a great way to help you tell our story when you are trying to talk with someone to join the Knights of Columbus. Please consider loading this app on your smartphone and tablet with iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) or Android operating systems. I was able to easily search for and download on my iPhone and iPad, by using the words Knights of Columbus Join Us in the App Store search field. Hopefully, this will help you strengthen the Order with new members. Also, included are link to both the IOS and Android apps.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Grand Knight.

“Why Join the Knights of Columbus?”: New membership app lets prospects know what the Order offers

The new Knights of Columbus “Join Us”app shows what the Order has to offer eligible Catholic men and their families. The app is now available, free of charge, on both iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android operating systems. This app features an overview of the Knights of Columbus’ work in providing security to families, as well as our charitable and faith-based programs. It’s a concise and engaging way to share with prospects the good works and top-rated insurance protection made possible by joining the Order. Through the app, one can also access the online form interested prospects can complete as the first step in becoming a Knight of Columbus. This tool is available for download on any compatible device. Download this app and encourage your fellow Knights to do the same. With such a convenient recruitment tool available at our fingertips, we can all the more easily show qualified Catholic men what the Knights of Columbus can provide for both him and his family.


Link to apps:

IOS (iPhone or iPad) Link:


Android (Google phone or Tablet) Link:


If you cannot click on the above links, simply copy and paste them to your browser.

Knightline Article about the app


Relevant Radio is a radio network in the United States, mainly broadcasting talk radio and religious programming involving the Catholic Church. The network airs a variety of programming aimed at practicing Catholics, mostly in a listener-interactive talk format.  The network now airs almost exclusive programming developed internally, which also is available to stream live or by podcast on a free mobile app. The network originates from studios in Green Bay, WI, with additional studios in Minneapolis, MN, Madison, WI, Chicago, IL, Austin, TX and Newark, NJ.  Click HERE to check out the Relevant Radio website.