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Hike For Life

Hike For Life - Knights of Columbus raises funds for Pro-Life Clinics throughout Texas.

Committee of 1000

The Committee of One Thousand is a project of The Dallas Diocesan Chapter, a representative group of all Knights of Columbus councils in the Dallas Diocese.

Membership contributions are periodically presented on behalf of the Committee members to the Office of Vocations of the Dallas Diocese. These contributions are used as a discretionary fund by the Director of Vocations to provide financial assistance to seminarians. Various uses in the past have included books, tuition, emergency trips home, required physicals, and Christmas spending money. The Committee accepts annual $10.00 contributions from individual Knights as well as their spouses, associates, and friends, whether or not in the Dallas Diocese. The only common denominator they have is their desire to support seminarians. Many Committee members are multiple donors throughout the year.

Several Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies have budgeted annual contributions to the Committee. The symbolic "praying hands" pin identifies members of the Committee.

Join the Committee of One Thousand "in support of vocations"!

Checks may be made payable to the "DDC Knights of Columbus" and given to the council District Deputy at each Council meeting. The D.D. will present the pin to you immediately.

Further information may be obtained from the DDC Committee Chairman Joe Picard by email at

Knights of Columbus Special License Plate

A major share of the special license plate fee goes to the Texas Education Agency State Council Charities account to make grants to carry out purposes of the organization, such as helping the poor and sick, and hungry and homeless children.

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