Our Lady of the Rosary Council #12982

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Catholic Diocese of Arlington

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington serves twenty-one counties, sixty-eight parishes, six missions, and over four-hundred thousand Catholics in Northern Virginia.  This includes Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, VA.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Holy Trinity Catholic Church serves the Haymarket, Gainesville, Bristow and Nokesville Communities in western Prince William County.  With over 4,000 registered families, over 1,500 children in religious education, and over 60 ministries, there is always room for you at Holy Trinity.

A-A-A Women For Choice

A-A-A exists to serve women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. They offer a pro-life, pro-family, and pro-chastity message for women and men who enter our center.  Their mission is to support women to choose life for their unborn child. They do this by providing women the truth about life and the material and financial means necessary to alleviate the stress that is causing hardship during the pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby. Please join us in supporting the lifesaving work that A-A-A is doing.

Holy Trinity Scouting

Our Lady of the Rosary Council #12982 was the 2013 Chartering Organization of the Year for the Boy Scouts of America, National Capital Area Council (NCAC).  With nearly 100,000 boys and girls across 7 different programs, NCAC is one of the largest and most vibrant BSA Councils in the nation.  Council 12982 is proud to charter Cub Scout Pack 91 for boys ages 6-11, Boy Scout Troop 91 for boys ages 10-18, Venturing Crew 91 for all youth ages 14-21, and Sea Scouts Ship 100 for all youth ages 14-21.

Knights of Columbus of Virginia Assisting Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities

A Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity established in 1971 to provide financial assistance through grants and home loans to tax exempt organizations providing training and assistance to citizens with intellectual disabilities.

If you shop using AMAZON, you can help KOVAR raise money just by shopping at Amazon and designating KOVAR as a recipient of their donations, with NO cost to you. Sign up for Amazon Smile and KOVAR will get .5% of all sales.

Two easy steps:
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Serve Our Willing Warriors

For over seven years, Serve Our Willing Warriors has been providing "a little taste of home" for our wounded, ill and injured Warriors + Their Families at both Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. Our annual events have included gift-giving at holidays, summer cookouts and visitation with lonely service and family members.

For more information please contact Jeff Glenn at jeff@willingwarriors.org.

Catholic Information Service | Knights of Columbus

Increase Your Understanding of the Catholic Faith Through CIS Online Courses

Best of all, with the Knights of Columbus login system, it’s easy to keep your lessons on track, since we’ll remember where you were in your readings. And since your login identity will work for both courses, you only have to register once.

12 Claims Every Catholic Should Be Able to Answer

Freedom of speech is a great thing. Unfortunately, it comes at an unavoidable price: When citizens are free to say what they want, they’ll sometimes use that freedom to say some pretty silly things. And that’s the case with the 12 claims we’re about to cover.


Some of them are made over and over, others are rare. Either way, while the proponents of these errors are free to promote them, we as Catholics have a duty to respond.

Shameless Popery - Apologetics Blog

Joe Heschmeyer’s blog is unabashedly Catholic!

Joe writes frequently and well on a great breadth of apologetics topics. He’s was an attorney, which you can see the evidence of in his logically constructed posts, who is now a seminarian from the Diocese of Kansas City. He anticipates being ordained to the priesthood in 2018. His writing is always informative, well-researched, and interesting.

Gary Sinise: My Life is Better Because I Became Catholic

Actor Gary Sinise, who has been outspoken about his and his wife’s Catholic faith, is helping injured soldiers.
In Florida last week, Sinise spoke at the Knights of Columbus 132nd Supreme Convention about his love and support for wounded warriors. With a donation from the Knights, the Gary Sinise Foundation built a Smart Home for wounded vet Kyle Hockenberry and his wife in Ohio.

Read More: http://www.aleteia.org/en/arts-entertainment/article/gary-sinise-my-life-is-better-because-i-became-catholic-5906610832539648