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Dear Brother Knights,

I would like to thank all the Knights from our Council who came to support the Stations of the Cross last Friday, March 10th at 7 p.m.  A number of you read and it went very well. I was proud of you!

One of the things we didn’t expect was a man named Joe who came in our church, off of the street to be with us.  I expect he was homeless, and wanted a place to be welcomed.  He found our church somehow.  Some of us talked with him.  He was hard to understand.

Joe stayed through the Stations and talked with a few of us afterwards.  Like I said, he wasn’t easy to understand, we suspected that he may even be on drugs, but we weren’t sure.

What was sure, as we were saying the Stations, (which were heavy in social justice), that Joe was the face of the poor and the abandoned in society.  He was the face of Christ among us, in spite of our “judgments” of his condition.

We find it hard to accept others, especially if we don’t know who they are, and where they come from.  How do we know how they will act? Did Joe just come from a shelter, or was he staying with someone?

          If Jesus came to our Stations of the Cross in the 21st century, he may have come in a similar way; a wanderer, a homeless man, looking for food and preaching a message of repentance.  Would we accept him as our Lord?  Would we even let him into our church?  How do we recognize him?

          To quote Pope Francis:

          “A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just.”

          As it turned out, I think we accepted Joe for who he was, and was not “judgmental” that night.  That was good.  He stayed outside awhile waiting for one of his friends to pick him up.  He reminded me what the Stations of the Cross means to us during Lent, to witness the poor, the wrongly accused and the weakest of society.  Maybe we can learn to be more tolerant of those who we do not know.  Maybe we will be in his shoes someday.

          A little bit of Mercy goes a long way, and maybe we may learn from it.


Deacon Bob



Prayer for the Canonization of
Father Michael J. McGivney


God, our Father, protector of the poor and
defender of the widow and orphan, you called
your priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, to
be an apostle of Christian family life and to
lead the young to the generous service of their
neighbor. Through the example of his life and
virtue may we follow your Son, Jesus Christ,
more closely, fulfilling his commandment of
charity and building up his Body which is the
Church. Let the inspiration of your servant
prompt us to greater confidence in your love
so that we may continue his work of caring
for the needy and the outcast. We humbly
ask that you glorify your venerable servant
Father Michael J. McGivney on earth
according to the design of your holy will.
Through his intercession, grant the favor I
now present (here make your request).
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Our Father Hail Mary Glory be to the Father





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