St. Thomas Aquinas Council #6532

Ralph Mense (left) is honored as February 2022 Knight of the Month by GK Randy Russell.

Winners from the 2022 District Free Throw Competition held at STA.

Mario Bruno (right) is honored as January 2022 Knight of the Month by GK Randy Russell.

Past GK Glen Soafer is awarded the Colombian and Founders Award by current GK Randy Russell.

Knights in Alpharetta Old Soldiers Parade in August 2019

STA Honor Guard (l to r: Hector Morales, Andy McGowan, Herb Reis, Tom Gump and Rod Ingebretsen) serve at Funeral Mass for Knight.

The Knights serve at a 2019 Fish Fry.

Five new Knights join Deputy Grand Knight Randy Russell following the February 2020 Council Meeting. From left to right - Russell, Angel Soberanis, Nelton Gaetner, Cruz Chavira, Josue Nicolas, and Ricardo Luzondo.

To be a Knight ...

1st Pancake Breakfast 9/22/2019: The Chef!

1st Pancake Breakfast 9/22/2019: The Service!

Inaugural STA 6532 Charity Golf Tournament Nov 4, 2019

Charter Players at Nov 2019 STA Council 6532 Charity Golf Tournament

Feb 4, 2020 New Members: Randy Russell, Angel Soberanis, Nelton Gaetner, Cruz Chavira, Josue Nicolas, Ricardo Luzondo

State Free Throw Championship yesterday. Noah Bartlone came in 2nd for 12 year old boys, and Tessa Dyson came in 2nd for 13 year old girls. Pictured with Jim McGee, STA Freethrow Chairman

STA Scrub Clear Out Day 9-12-2020

2020 STA /KofC Charity Golf Tournament: Padre dressing to impress!

Knight of the Month for January 2021: Tom Judd!

Paul Lipari "Knight of the Month" for December 2020 recognized by Grand Knight Glen Soafer.

Knight Family of the Month: April 2021 John & Kim Coliton, awarded by GK Glen Soafer.

Knight of the Month: Dwayne DeBruler April 2021

Jim Hynes 2020-2021 Knight of the Year! Awarded by GK Glen Soafer

August 2021 Knight of the Month: Glen Soafer, pictured with GK Randy Russell

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Council Announcements

Next Business Meeting is Tuesday, June 4, 2024, starting with a meal at 7PM with the meeting starting promptly at 7:30PM.

During the OLD Business Portion of the May Meeting, we will be taking the second vote to approve the budget for the new Fraternal Year.



If you have not taken the opportunity to pay your annual dues you still have several options; you can write a check and send it in the envelope provided or you can bring your payment to the next business meeting or Knight's event (check, cash, credit card). A third option is to make dues payment on-line by clicking on the Donate button below to make your payment via PayPal. If using the Donate button with PayPal or credit card, please be sure to click on the special instructions and enter your name and the word "dues" to ensure payment is properly recorded.

Thank you!

Ever Thought of Joining the Knights?

Founded by a young parish priest now on the path to sainthood, the Knights of Columbus has helped strengthen men, their families, their parishes, and their communities since 1882. Today, there are more than 1.9 million members of the K of C doing good across the world. We are Catholic men building a bridge to faith. There is much work to be done in this world. Good work. Necessary Work. We are Knights to be better husbands, fathers, sons, neighbors, and Catholics. We invest our time, our effort, and our resources into our values: Charity. Unity. Fraternity. Patriotism. We come from many places and backgrounds and stages in our lives, but we are all of one faith. We look to live our faith and put our faith and values into action to enable us to be better disciples of God. That's what we do at the Knights of Columbus: A fraternity of Catholic men striving to better ourselves and our world.

if you are interested in joining, or have any questions? Please submit your contact info to us at and enter the Council contact email as Or you can sign-up now online at Be sure to include Council #6532.


The donate button below can be used to make a donation to Council 6532 using a credit or debit card or a PayPal account. The amount of the donation will be entered as the transaction is completed and can be used to pay for a variety of goods, services, or programs. Please be sure to click on special instructions and note what the donation is to be applied to. Thank you.


Remember to add a note in PayPal to tell what the donation is for!


Links to Register for Soldier's Angels Activities

Benefit Local Veterans and Their Families

6532 Council members are asked to volunteer in support of our Veterans in need. We support two "Soldier's Angels"  programs along with our Brothers in the Assembly/4th Degree.

1. Virtual Visit is a 30 minute Skype session with Veterans that are homebound or hospitalized with little or no outside contact. Spending a few minutes talking with them makes a world of difference. Register for 30-minute timeslots at your convenience using the following link: Virtual Visit Registration

2. Soldier's Angels needs volunteers for Mobile Food Distribution to Veterans and their families in need. Distribution is at a local center where already donated products. Distribution is the last Friday of every month. Resister with this link: Mobile Food Distribution Registration



Here is How to Receive Council Text Messages

The Council has now organized a text messaging system to our members using "WhatsApp". The system will use short broadcast messages sent directly from the Grand Knight to individual members and NOT via group text. Here is how to ensure you receive Council messages:


1. Download and install WhatsApp onto your mobile phone.

2. Create a WhatsApp account during the install process if you do not already have one. The account is free.

3. You do not have to grant WhatsApp access to your contact list if you only wish to use the app for Council messages.

4. Ensure that the Grand Knight is entered into your smartphone contact list: Randy Russell, 678-665-6128.


Any message you send in response will only be seen by the Grand Knight. We hope that you enjoy our text messaging system using WhatsApp!



Upcoming Council Events

No events hosted by this council are scheduled within the next 60 days.

About Our Council

Council Business Meeting Schedule

1st Tuesday of the month at 7.00pm

Meetings Location

535 Rucker Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30004 US

Council Officers