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Brother Knights,

The Supreme Council has instituted a PILOT program named the ‘AFFILIATE Member Initiative’. Members that are MORE THAN TWO YEARS delinquent on dues payments to our Council, Santa Maria #1443, will be considered for transfer into the Affiliate member initiative.  The list of proposed Affiliate members will be submitted to the Supreme Council no later than March 31, 2022. Our final list is currently being developed and we expect to deliver the list to the District Deputy in the next week. This pilot program is in lieu of the current suspension process. If you are placed on the Affiliate member list you will be contacted by Supreme with a welcome packet and further guidance on the Affiliate member initiative.

Some common questions:

What is an affiliate member?

An affiliate member is a Knight who shares our values and supports our mission, but is unable, for any number of reasons, to be engaged with a local council at this time.

Who is eligible for affiliate membership?

A member who has not responded to his Council’s outreaches for 18 or more months may be eligible for affiliate membership. They include nonpayment of dues, no response to emails, letters, or other forms of council communication.

What’s the difference between a council member and an affiliate member?

A council member retains all the traditional rights and privileges of a Knight of Columbus. Affiliate members retain most rights and privileges including access to insurance and other financial products; however, they do not have the right to hold office, vote, or serve as delegates to State and Supreme meetings. Affiliate members are part of their state council.

Will the council roster still include Affiliate Members?

No. Affiliate members will no longer appear on the council roster.

Can Affiliate Members transfer back to a local council?

Yes. Affiliate Members may transfer back to a local council. To do so, they would follow the normal transfer process of the council and complete a Form 100 for transfer.

What if a member wishes to withdraw, should he be designated as affiliate?

No. If a member wishes to withdraw from the Order, the normal withdrawal process should be followed.

Does becoming an affiliate member cause a break in years of service?

Affiliate membership does not create a break in years of service.

Can a member request to be designated as an Affiliate member?

No. Maybe in the future, but not now.

How does Affiliate member status impact the Fourth Degree and Assemblies?

Affiliate Members must transfer into a local council before they can be eligible for Fourth Degree exemplification. Affiliate members that are already Fourth Degree members will remain as Fourth Degree Knights, but they will be removed from their Assembly Rosters.

Can an Affiliate member still attend local Council meetings?



Can an Affiliate member still enjoy the perks of the Santa Maria Council home and Santa Maria Council Club?

An Affiliate Member will no longer be a member of Santa Maria Council 1443 and will not have access to the Council home/Club perks unless invited to do so. An Affiliate member can still assist in the capacity of a Knight if they chose to volunteer their time assisting with the many programs of the Local Council.

We value all of our Brother Knights. This new initiative will relieve our Council of the financial burden of supporting the members that have not paid dues over an extended period of time since we will no longer have to pay the State Council and Supreme Council per-capita fees for those members.


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