Carl & Virginia Stacy passed away in 2020. Virginia passed away March 11 and Carl passed away on November 27. Virginia was born July 8, 1928 in Mound Valley, KS. Carl was born on January 20, 1929. They were married on June 1, 1951 in Pittsburg, KS.

They are survived by their sons, Chris and his wife Vivanne, John and his wife Stephanie, and Nathan and his wife Teresa. They are also survived by grandchildren, Shawn, Erin, Ryan, Joshua, Kristen and great grandchildren Anna and Emmitt. They are preceded in death by parents Carl and Faye Stacy and John and Imogene Payne. They are also preceded in death by brothers Galen Stacy, Max Stacy, Bob Payne, Don Payne and Burl Payne. They are also survived and preceded in death by numerous friends in Bartlesville.

They lived in the same home in Bartlesville for many years and we have many happy memories of that home. They shared numerous stories of their long lifetimes during our many visits.

Carl and Virginia had a strong Christian faith which helps in our grief. They were motivated by service. Carl, volunteered at Woolaroc and OK Mozart in addition to other organizations. Virginia also volunteered at Woolaroc and OK Mozart. Virginia volunteered at Jane Phillips hospital where she wrote the volunteer newsletter. Virginia also volunteered at the YWCA and Concern.

In addition to being a housewife and encouraging her sons to accomplish as much as possible, Virginia was a sensitive and caring person who enjoyed reading biographies, news magazines and the classics. Carl in addition to a successful career at Philips and being a great role model for his sons had the hobbies of amateur radio, wood working, and building rock sidewalks.

Carl and Virginia are greatly missed.

Please pray for repose of their souls and the consolation of their family.