Immersed his heart into Priesthood, serving people who were desperate for help and eager to know Christ. Ft. Festus dedicated his life from early age following missionary work, praying for the sick, visiting the needy and educating the youth about the word of God.

Fr. Festus was a generous priest, who served others first before his own needs, reflecting his core beliefs of Christianity and puresome of Holy Spirit.

Even though he did all the work for the church, he was suffering from liver damage, blood pressure and cancer which together brought a big toll on his body.

He loved helping people and was very generous. Loved the work of the Lord Jesus, was a missionary before becoming a Priest for 17 years in Tanzania and America.

Fr. Festus died in Christ on the 29th of October, 2019. We as his family and the church we honor his profound work ethic and industrious mind and we will always recall him for the rest of our lives.