St Croix Council Council #1762


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Saturday, May 11, 2024

from 10:00 am 'til 4:00 pm

Registration Information and Forms

Dear Brother Knights;

A most cordial invitation is extended to every third-degree member of our order to advance to the Fourth Degree in the Knights of Columbus.

The Fourth Degree is very proud of its many accomplishments since its founding in1900. The ceremonials of the Fourth Degree were orchestrated on the theme of Patriotism and Catholic Citizenship and remain so today.

The Honor Guard, the most visible part of our Order, is extremely proud of its contribution to Patriotism and support of the Church.

To qualify; a candidate must be a Third-Degree member of the Knights of Columbus in good standing.


The Eastern Wisconsin District Exemplification will be May 11, 2024 at Divine Mercy Catholic School, 695 College Ave, South Milwaukee. WI 53172

Honoree is Fr. Alex Rodriguez


The luncheon and registration location is at 732 Badger Avenue, South Milwaukee, WI


Enclosed is the Registration Form, information on the Banquet.


Please encourage your Council brothers to become Fourth Degree Knights and help us continue our efforts to support our Church, Bishops, Clergy and our current and past military members.



James L. TenPas                                                                          

Wisconsin Eastern District Master                              

Event Location
Divine Mercy Catholic School
695 College Ave
South Milwaukee , WI  53172 US