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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

from 7:00 pm 'til 8:00 pm

SK Michael J Turchin is the Event Chairman for this event
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One of our Council traditions is to take up a collection for Luisa Figueredo, twice a year, at the July and December Business Meetings.


For new Brothers, Luisa is the widow of Brother Knight Alberto Figueredo who suddenly died a heart attack in 2008 – he was only 36 years old. Field Agent Joe Noa did try to get Alberto to take out a Life Insurance policy with the Knights of Columbus, which would have fully taken care of Luisa and her children, but that unfortunately did not happen. Luisa was, and remains, a single mother who was left with three young children and very little money. As of 2022, one is in middle school, one is in high school, and the oldest is post high school.


To earn an income, she works in the food service at Pinecrest Academy during the school year, supplemented by working catered events with Pinecrest's Executive Chef. However, these are seasonal positions, whereby she earns no income over the holiday and summer breaks every school year.


In 2022, she has been recovering from hip replacement surgery which really increased her mobility, but her other hip will need surgery in May 2023. It proved to be a tough year for her since she couldn’t work for a few months as she recovered.


Following Fr Michael McGivney’s mission to support widows and orphans, Warden Emeritus Mike Turchin stepped up in 2008 to start collecting financial support for Luisa. At every collection, we depend on our Brothers to be as generous as possible.


Cash and checks [checks made out to Luisa Figueredo Calderon] donations will be collected by Mike during the Business Meeting. If you are unable to attend but still want to contribute, you can:


  • place the check in a sealed envelope addressed with:
    • Your Name
    • ATTN: Mike Turchin
    • RE: Luisa Figueredo

and leave it in the Knight’s Mailbox at St Benedict, located in the hallway of the parish offices. If the doors to the hallway are closed and locked, drop the envelope at the Parish Receptionist’s mailbox just left of the office door.



  • mail the check directly to Mike at:

Michael Turchin

2320 Greenmont Ct

Cumming GA 30041


[Please DO NOT make your check to Mike. He will use it to take Fr Paul out to dinner, then ask you to write another check.]


Our Council has been supporting Luisa without fail for more than a decade. Let’s make sure she can depend on our support for another decade and more.


Vivat Jesus and God Bless Always!

Event Location
Taylor Lodge - St. Benedict Catholic Church
11045 Parsons Road
Johns Creek, GA  30097 US