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Saturday, May 14, 2022

from 12:00 pm 'til 4:00 pm

Daniel Doyle is the Event Chairman for this event
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We only need 1 person per shift at each location.  The 4 Knights who work the first shift should muster at the Council at 1130 to get their equipment and paperwork.  The Knight who is working the second shift should to the turnover on site at the work location.  The first shift Knight should turn over all the money to the second shift person.  At the completion of the second shift, the Knight should bring all the equipment and monies to the Council.

Please see the following link for sign up sheet with the following notes, that should be amended before you put it out publicly.  Some notes are intended for organizers and some notes describe how it works for anyone.


Please help and remember, it’s for the Intellectual Disabled
and Charity. The number one principle for the Knights of
Columbus. Vivat Jesus, Brother!

The 4 locations are:

1. 2301 Colley Ave. Colley Village Shoping Center. Park Place area.
2. 1595 International Blvd. Norview Ave area of Military Highway near the Wawa Store
3. 141 West Virginia Beach Blvd. Ghent area near the Opera House.
4. 7862 Tidewater Drive. WalMart Shopping Center.

Event Location