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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

from 6:30 pm 'til 8:30 pm

David Lewis is the Event Chairman for this event
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Co-Chair: Robert Chaya

I will hold an ODT meeting next Thursday using a Web based meeting.  The information below will allow you to access the webinar.  Some of you have accessed web based meeting before and are familiar with the process.  For the others I will happy to set up test meetings so we can get you up and running.
The following few thoughts which I hope will help you access the meeting.
  • PC: If you are using a pc and have not installed the gotomeeting app
                    1. Click on the GoToMeeting Download below. 
                    2. This will take you to the download page for the app (GoToMeeting Installer) you need to install on your computer. 
                    3. Save the file to your computer
                    4. Remember where you saved this file.
                    5. Then double click on the app
                    6. If a window opens that says "The app you're trying to install isn't a Microsoft-verified app" choose the "install anyway" button by moving your cursor over it and
                        clicking on it. The computer will then install the software.
                    7. A box will appear which has the GoTomeeting logo with a box.  Enter the "Access Code" below.  You do not need to use the dashes just the numbers. (you can
                        also copy and past).
                    8. Click join.  A box will open with "Here's how you'll appear in the meeting." 
                    9. Click on "OK, I'M READY"
                   10. You can click setting Icon (Looks like a wheel in the upper right corner next to the 3 vertical dots) you can change from computer audio to phone. 
                         Dial the number shown.  Enter the access code (numbers only) and then press # sign.  Enter the audio PIN followed be # sign.
  • If you are using a
    download the GoTo Meeting app
                    1. Once the app is installed you can access the meeting with the Access Code (again you only need the numbers).
                    2. You should be able to see my screen
                    3. You phone speaker and sound should work.
                    4. If you wish to leave the meeting press the red dot (at least on an Android Device) in the lower right corner and chose "Leave Meeting".
  • You may be able to simply call in to the number listed. If you do not have an access number then the instructions are to just hit the # sign

Event Location

, TX  US