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Meeting Schedule & Location

Council Officers Meeting Schedule

1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30PM, Virtual

Council Business Meeting Schedule

2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30PM, Our Lady Gr

Council Social & Degrees Meeting Schedule

4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30PM, Our Lady Gr.

Meetings Location

PO BOX 570
Olney, MD 20830 US


Mailing Address

PO BOX 570
Olney, MD 20830

In Support Of:

Our Lady of Grace
15663 Norbeck Blvd
Silver Spring, MD 20906 US
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St Peter's Parish
2900 Olney-Sandy Spring Road
Olney, MD 20832-1520 US
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St Patrick's Church
4101 Norbeck Road
Rockville, MD 20853 US
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About Fr Peter Paul Maher Council #6793

What Does Father Maher Council Do?

Fr. Maher Council operates in six major program areas, each with a standing committee. These are:

  • Church,
  • Community,
  • Council,
  • Culture of Life,
  • Family,
  • Youth.


A list of specific activites conducted by Father Maher Council are shown below.

The Council also participates in special events sponsored by the Maryland State Council Knights of Columbus such as the annual "Tootsie Roll Drive" usually conducted in October of each year. All monies raised from this activity are donated to agencies that assist intellectually challenged citizens in Montgomery County and the State of Maryland such as the Kennedy Institute, Special Olympics, etc.

The Council also participates in the Maryland State Council sponsored "Car Raffle" that produces income for the Maryland State Council Scholarship Program and funds for the general charitable activities of Fr. Maher Council.

How Often Does The Council Meet?

Fr. Maher Council meets every second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, Room 114. Enter thru the main entrance of the building, chapel side.

Who Is Eligible For Membership?

To join the Knights of Columbus, you must be a male, at least 18 years of age and a practical Catholic.

What Is Required Of Members?

Annual dues are $45.00 and there is a one time initiation fee of $15.00. After you join the Council, we hope that you will participate in any and as many activities that you are interested in. We also hope that you would be interested in serving on or assisting with some of our standing committees. We also hope that you will be able to attend some meetings each year and offer your particular knowledge in your particular area of community/church interest.

Why Should You Join?

That will be up to you! Some men join to be associated with other Catholic families. Others join to strengthen their ties with the Church. Still others join to expand their social and community activities while some join to help others in need. Whatever your reason, members get out of the Knights of Columbus what they put into it. All that the members of Fr. Maher Council can tell you is who we are, what we do and that we are looking for good Catholic men to join us. The decision is up to you!

Where Do I Get More Information?

Contact the Membership Director: Stephen Goldhammer PGK, 301 570 9613 or segoldhammer@aol.com
Or, Write to the Council at:
Fr. Peter Paul Maher Council No. 6793 Knights of Columbus P.O. Box 570 Olney, Maryland 20830

Below are listed most of the specific activities conducted by Fr. Maher Council:

  • Living Rosary
  • Memorial Mass for Departed Brothers
  • Day of Recollection
  • Weekend Retreat
  • Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Memorial Day Mass
  • Communion Breakfasts
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Financial Support to Seminarians, $500 stipend to 13 seminarians in 2013
  • Provide, assistance to the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Eucharist
  • Culture of Life Activities
  • Variety of Dinner Dances for the whole family to enjoy
  • Financial assistance to distressed Brothers and their families and widows of members
  • Annual Maryland State Council Car Raffle
  • Annual Tootsie Roll Drive for the Intellectually Challenged
  • Annual Pancake and Sausage Dinner (With the Olney Lions) (Funds have been dedicated to the Council Memorial Scholarship Program)
  • Christmas Caroling at Montgomery General Hospital
  • Food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Assist St. Peter's with "Breakfast with Santa" and with the SOR-Back to school family nights -
  • Policeman of the Year Award' for Montgomery County
  • Citizen of the Year
  • Council Family Christmas Party/Potluck
  • Council Memorial Scholarship Program (over $35,000.00 awarded to date)
    (First Scholarships awarded in 1981)
  • Family Picnic
  • Family of the Month and Family of the Year awarded
  • Knight of the Month and Knight of the Year awarded
  • Basketball Freethrow Contest
  • Soccer Shootout
  • Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest
  • Religious Christmas Card Sales
  • Fund Raisers
  • Knights of Columbus Insurance Programs
  • and much, much, more!!


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